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Portugal Sees Tourism From the U.K. Staying Strong Despite Brexit Vote

It's a good sign for Portugal that British tourists are still coming despite the weaker pound; more investment and promotion to increase the destination's appeal should help that trend continue.

4 weeks ago

JetBlue Founder Neeleman Sees Turnaround at Brazil’s Azul and Portugal’s TAP

While the world is focused on the Rio Olympics and Brazil's economic and political woes, Azul is quietly gaining ground from the back of the pack. The finish line, though, is still out of sight.

2 months ago

Fearing Terrorism, Europeans Look for Safer Vacation Destinations

Fears about terrorism are understandable, but savvy travelers might want to avoid the crowds in Spain, Portugal and Italy and head to France and Turkey. That's where the deals are.

3 months ago

Britons Abroad Question Financial and Political Future After Brexit Vote

From tourist to expat and then to the unknown status — the Brexit is just complicating everything now.

4 months ago

Spain and Portugal Struggle to Keep Up With This Year’s Tourism Influx

Nobody loves a throng of tourists, but smart leaders in Iberia are turing to other city mayors and regional tourism leaders for advice on dealing with the influx.

5 months ago

Terror Fears Are Dramatically Shifting European Tourism Habits

If trends persist, expect Spain and Portugal to post record tourism numbers for 2016.

5 months ago

Portugal Welcomed More Than 10 Million Tourists in 2015 for the First Time

Portugal just has to look next door for proof that tourism can help solve problems.

8 months ago

Portugal Decides It Can’t Let TAP Go and Buys Half of it for $2.1 Billion

Considering that there was little interest from other suitors, it's a smart move by the country to make sure it's not in careless hands.

9 months ago

Chinese Who Bought Portugal Properties For Visas Are Fed Up With Empty Promises

Portugal decided to mortgage its resident visas to foreign property buyers and now should make good on its promises.

9 months ago

Lisbon Residents Are Latest to Be Fed Up With Too Many Tourists

Tourism is so very often a wonderful thing. But the damage it can do is so rarely understood, and the tourists who inflict the worst of it have absolutely no clue what they're doing.

1 year ago

Greece’s Tourism Troubles are Good News for Spain and Portugal

Greece has rarely been a bargain or a deal, which gives the Iberian destinations an edge.

1 year ago

It’s a Bad 10 Days to Be an Airline Passenger in Portugal

Europe's legacy carriers are struggling with bloated executive ranks, over-compensated staff, last-gen airplanes, and competition from low-cost carriers. It will rarely end well for them.

1 year ago