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Airbnb Has Ambitions in France Beyond Paris

Paris and France will be one of the most fascinating stories in tourism for the next few years, and Airbnb is just one interesting part of it.

6 days ago

Paris Street Protests Take Violent Turn as Tourism Convention Season Begins

In early summer when it's just about leisure tourists, this may fly. But it's no longer summer in Paris, and it's no longer about leisure travel.

1 month ago

Private Apartment Stays in Paris Partially Offset Hotel-Spending Drop

Negative publicity for a destination is always going to hurt tourism, so the downturn shouldn't come as a surprise. The biggest about-face in terms of visitation drops came from Japanese, Russian and Chinese tourists.

2 months ago

10 Major Cities Working Together to Tackle Airbnb and Uber Regulations

Tip to these cities: Ask former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for some help. You need a mayor with a tech background to best negotiate with Silicon Valley.

4 months ago

Heading to Paris on an Unlimited Budget? Here’s Where to Stay

After a four-year renovation, Paris' iconic Ritz Hotel is reopening. But if you can't stay there, the city has many other options for luxury - provided you have a big budget.

4 months ago

Transit Strikes Challenge Travel in France During Euro 2016

France's transit workers have worked hard this year at getting everyone to hate them. This slap in the face of locals and visitors is the cherry on top.

4 months ago

Airbnb Working With Over 100 Cities on Tax Agreements and Regulations

Following what happened in Berlin, Airbnb is going on an all-out charm offensive in an effort to woo more cities in Europe and elsewhere into forming tax collection agreements like the ones it has with cities such as Paris and Amsterdam.

5 months ago

Tracing the Path of EgyptAir Flight 804 in Days Before Crash

5 months ago

Terror Fears Are Dramatically Shifting European Tourism Habits

If trends persist, expect Spain and Portugal to post record tourism numbers for 2016.

5 months ago

France Has Tightened Paris Airport Security Since November Attacks

Paris continues to expand already intense security measures at Charles de Gaulle airport with a mix of private contractors, video technology, internal searches, and a new "intelligence cell" of roaming patrols.

5 months ago

Paris, DMAI and Cvent Evolve Their 2016 Strategies — Meetings Innovation Report

The biggest players in the convention industry are pivoting their operations to align with evolving digital platform trends, including the rise of the sharing economy.

6 months ago

Interview: Paris Convention Bureau Responds to Post-Attack Challenges

Conference organizers are reaching out to the Paris Convention Bureau more than in the past few months, but the numbers are still significantly below 2015.

6 months ago