5 Charts Showing How UK Travelers Plan Trips Online

Booking sites are prominent throughout the online trip-planning process for U.K. travelers and while they're one of the most used channels for booking, airline and hotel sites become more important when travelers are ready to pull the trigger. Offline travel agents and tour operators are big, too, but not covered by this survey.

The Convergence of Media and Booking Spells a New Day for Online Travel

As travel consumers become blind to advertisements and ill-conceived promotions from booking sites, there is a rising need for the smart curation of hotels and travel experiences by trusted media brands. Consumers don’t need more choices, they need better ones

Orbitz Gives In, Hires Bankers to Find a Buyer

Orbitz Worldwide is putting itself up for sale, and the leak to Bloomberg may be a signal that the bidding hasn't been particularly robust to date.

Interview: The Indie Airfare Deals Site That Has Flight Geeks Talking

There is definitely something to be said for hand-picked, curated airfare deals, and The Flight Deal is finding a niche. How much the site expands beyond the FlyerTalk crowd is another question.

Orbitz Tries to Build Loyalty With New Restaurant Rewards Program

Is this Orbitz trying to make a restaurant play like TripAdvisor and Priceline? Or trying to build loyalty via a third party? We're not sure either.

4 Trends Defining the Evolution of Online Travel

Amadeus provides the technology, which keeps the travel sector moving - from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes. It is this strong commitment that we believe will enable us to continue working with our customers and partners to shape the future of travel.

Travelocity Tops Online Travel Agencies in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Travelocity officials have long said that its brand punches above its weight with consumers, and the J.D. Power survey bears that out. Still, Travelocity's top marks are somewhat ironic because for the last few months Expedia has been providing Travelocity with customer service and technology.

Ctrip Concedes Credit Card Breach at a Very Inopportune Moment

The data breach at Ctrip comes as Chinese travelers are rapidly discarding the call center option for online and mobile transactions. Such compromising of customers' credit card data undermines confidence in China's online booking market.

Orbitz Installs a COO After 7 Years Without One

Orbitz is tying the move to name a COO to finally having its far-flung travel brands on a common technology platform. Alignment of tech and alignment of brands, or so goes the party line. Was anyone minding the store before this?

Skyscanner Appoints New Chairman With Expertise in Mobile

Skyscanner got a little more diverse, selecting a woman as chairman, and importantly picked someone who might be able to assist its transition into mobile.