American and British Airways Want Approval for Joint Venture With LATAM

The three airlines are already Oneworld members but this new codeshare agreement would take cooperation to a wholly different level.

Qatar Air Says It Could Split Oneworld Alliance Over Open Skies Fight

It doesn't make sense for Qatar Airways to be linked up with American Airlines if they "agree to disagree," as American's CEO Doug Parker put it. Because this is more than just a minor disagreement.

Finnair’s Asia Strategy Sets It Apart From Rivals, Makes It Attractive Acquisition

The smart model right now seems to be to play to your geographic strengths if you have them, and implement them doggedly.

Cathay Pacific Is Latest Oneworld Airline to Skewer Its Loyalty Program

It's only a matter of time until American Airlines follows suit.

CEO Interview: Finnair’s Contrarian Strategy to Serve China’s Second-Tier Cities

Finnair is trying to reinvent itself, in part by taking a hard look at 10 to 20 second-tier cities in China, as well as routes in other parts of Asia. What happens, though, when larger competitors get around to taking up some of the same opportunities?

Promotion From Russian Airline Gives Away Points When Planes Fly Overhead

This is a clever idea from S7, although app users may quickly tire of the push notifications in exchange for the relatively few miles they receive.

The Growing Partnership Between Delta and Virgin Atlantic Makes Both Airlines Look Good

Delta and Virgin will be fighting hard to counter not just British Airways, but the growing might of the now-bigger Oneworld Alliance.

TAM Airlines Adding 750 Flights for World Cup

TAM says it is adding 750 flights for the World Cup, and an additional 1,000 temporary workers to accommodate all of those soccer fans. The airline has had two years to plan for the World Cup, and for many passengers TAM will be their all-important introduction to Brazil and the championship. Let the flights and games begin.

US Airways Gets New Airline Loyalty Partners with Exit from Star Alliance

In addition to getting Oneworld member airlines as miles redemptions possibilities, US Airways will still retains, for awhile at least, about a dozen codeshare partners outside of the alliance, making for more redemption opportunities. The extra ones likely won't last for long, but flyers can consider it all a merger bonus for now.