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Cruise passengers put in rocky limbo by Sandy finally touch ground in Boston

It will be interesting to see whether passengers choose to stay on board until they can return to New York. Now that the waves have subsided, a free hotel in Boston Harbor doesn't sound like a bad idea.


Stranded flyers should look to small regional airports to leave New York

Regional airports are smaller and offer fewer flights, but there may be chance of snagging a seat since the majority of flyers are focused on flying out of JFK and Newark.


Limited commuter services in New York reopen on Wednesday afternoon

Travelers stuck in New York City can attempt to access JFK and Newark Airports by car, but flights are so limited that it’s secure a seat before risking days sitting at the airport.


It’s too soon to tell Hurricane Sandy’s impact on hoteliers’ business this week

The storm drove New York City residents into upper Manhattan’s hotels, but repair costs and reduced occupancy from tourism in other northeastern cities will likely hurt hotels’ bottom line.


Quick update: All New York City airports remain closed

Airports are hit with the double whammy right now of underwater runways and being totally cut off from the city because of bridge, tunnel, and transit closures.

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NYC Taxi Commission explains new app rules very slowly so Uber execs can understand

One key issue that was lost amidst all the hyperbolic accusations that the Taxi Commission was killing innovation was that New York's regulations do a relatively good job preventing drivers from discriminating against their clientele based on either their destination or appearance.


Follow the path of Hurricane Sandy with Google Maps


How to keep track of transportation outages in New York and New Jersey

An aberrant storm in New York City may suspend bus, rail, and ferry services down for an unprecedented amount of time.


The time to prep for Hurricane Sandy has already passed, warns FEMA

There’s little left to do, but wait for the storm to come and hopefully pass. Sit tight if you’re away from home as it will be likely be several days before transportation is running regularly.


Airlines and hotels struggle with hurricane-related cancellations across the U.S.

The threat posed by Hurricane Irene last year prepared airlines for dealing with a mega-storm in a key region like New York City, but nothing can really prepare travelers for being stranded for a day before a storm hits.

Airlines and hotels struggle with hurricane-related cancellations across the U.S.