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Video: Traffic analyst shows why New York City should reconsider adding 2,000 taxis

New Yorkers will have different opinions on the trade-off between quickly finding a taxi and paying higher taxi fares, but all will appreciate this video with 100 years of transit changes.

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NYC subway disruption: Google puts transit alerts into maps

Ignorance is far from bliss -- especially if you can consult Google Maps before you head out into the NYC subways to see what treats the MTA has in store for you.


NYC sends mixed signals over bike share launch date

Transportation Nation gets into the nitty-gritty of the confusion surrounding the official bike share launch, but NYC residents should start seeing the first stages of deployment some time by September -- depending on your neighborhood.

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New York City to use old phone booths to broadcast free public Wi-Fi

As opposed to Starbuck with chairs and tables, the city's campaign is targeted a smartphone and tablet users (or  a laptop user with good balance) who need a little extra connection along their way.


No big thinking for New York City’s makeover of despised Penn Station

You don't need to be Louis Kahn to appreciate how wretched an experience it is to pass through NY Penn Station. Any proposal that doesn't begin with razing the structure is thinking too small.


New York City hotels lead the rooftop bar trend

As summer heats up, evening activities migrate to outdoor spaces. Here's how New York stays ahead of the game.


New York beyond Manhattan is becoming a reality in hotel industry

Artisanal Brooklyn's now a destination in itself, so that's an obvious one to tap for hospitality industry. Then Long Island City in Queen, a stop or two into Manhattan, makes an easy hop for tourists.


Video: DOT shuts down 26 cheap, fast, potentially dangerous bus companies

The majority of companies were "Chinatown buses" shut down for not screening drivers for commercial licenses or drug use, but those things didn't matter to the many passengers who happily paid less than $5 for common city-to-city routes.


Almost half of new NYC hotels are in the outer boroughs

It's clear that visitors' Big Apple expectations are getting bigger as we see new hotels in Queens that aren't targeted to LGA sleepovers and ones in Brooklyn near trendy streets.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg takes first steps towards world’s largest bike share

The last few years have seen bike lanes spread across the boroughs, and now the city will get 240 bike-share stations spread across the city. Now the police needs to step up enforcement of moving violations by car drivers.