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Tourists Vs. Locals in New York City: Who Goes Where

New York City tourism trends are a mirror to what's happening in most other major cities. Foursquare data show that tourists and locals still stick to predictable paths, with tourists gravitating to top attractions around Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Every city is different and tourism has increased to outer boroughs but those probably still aren't top of mind for many travelers.

2 weeks ago

The Families and Friends of 9/11 Victims Turned Tour Guides

The conversion of the former World Trade Center into a tourist attraction has been a strange one, but the perspective of people who were closely touched by the events of 9/11 adds a valuable perspective.

3 weeks ago

Airbnb Says It’s Cleaning Up New York Listings While Governor Mulls New Law

Airbnb will be waging a PR battle in New York until Cuomo takes action or the time runs out on this session. But as we know from recent history, each purge is followed by a return of bad actors.

1 month ago

New York LaGuardia’s Redevelopment Already Has Travelers Worried

We are dreading the day when a renovated LaGuardia will no longer be a metaphor for everything that's wrong in U.S. aviation. But, luckily, with the Port Authority in charge we're certain they'll find a way to overspend and under deliver.

1 month ago

Airbnb Removes 2,233 NYC Listings to Head Off Punitive Legislation

Airbnb knows it needs to appease New York Governor Cuomo and legislators although it isn't clear that its removal of some multiple listings will be enough to achieve its aims.

3 months ago

Waldorf Astoria’s New York Landmark to Close Next Year to Convert Rooms to Condos

There's so much money being spent here that we can't see how it's going to turn out well in the long run. And if it follows the path of other high-profile hotel acquisitions in New York City it won't turn out well.

3 months ago

10 Major Cities Working Together to Tackle Airbnb and Uber Regulations

Tip to these cities: Ask former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for some help. You need a mayor with a tech background to best negotiate with Silicon Valley.

3 months ago

Airbnb Loses a Fight in New York as Legislature Passes Strict Advertising Law

Both Airbnb and New York City have missed out on a real opportunity to set precedents for the business. If Airbnb would bend a bit, and if New York leaders didn't think it was pure evil we could have seen a solution similar to what then-Mayor Bloomberg's was able to do with smart rules for Uber and e-hailing. More fighting on the horizon.

3 months ago

New York Airports Threaten to Remove TSA in Favor of Alternate Screeners

The best chance of solving the TSA staffing issue is the U.S. House approving additional funds to pay overtime for TSA workers. But the truth is that more airports should experiment with alternative security staffing, like the New York Port Authority has threatened to do.

5 months ago

Qatar Reportedly in Talks to Buy Starwood’s St. Regis Hotels in New York and San Francisco

Selling off two of its most prized and iconic properties will help Starwood in its asset-light pursuit as it prepares to merge with Marriott by mid-year.

5 months ago

New York Turns to Ninja Turtles for This Year’s Family Tourism Push

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pumps a bit more energy into NYC & Company's family marketing efforts than Dora the Explorer did. And an international movie premiere can't hurt either.

5 months ago

Times Square Costumed Characters Face New Restrictions

Under the proposed legislation, at least if Spider Man or Batman get aggressive with the tourists they'll be easy to find and apprehend.

6 months ago