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Selling the Very Cold, Very Dark Svalbard, Norway as a Winter Tourist Destination

Northern lights, polar bears, and extreme cold: It will likely work for a unique kind of traveler.

9 months ago

New Data Deck: State of Travel 2015, Europe

From overarching trends to the ever-increasing impact of mobile and online technology — and offering a deep look at what’s happening in every critical travel vertical — this is the state of the travel industry in Europe in 2015.

2 years ago

Frozen Beauty: The Gorgeous Winter Drone Video Over Lofoten, Norway

Some serious talent at work here.

2 years ago

The Design Firm That Created the World’s Best Looking Passport

Yet another reason to envy the Norwegians.

2 years ago

The Disney Frozen Bump Extends to Norway’s Rural Hotels

Unless Norway starts forcing locals to dress up like Disney extras, this is a good thing.

2 years ago

Disney Hit ‘Frozen’ Puts Norway on the Map for U.S. Travelers

Norway's marketing tie-in with Disney was key to raising awareness of the destination as the inspiration for the blockbuster hit. Countries are the world are now likely badgering Disney to base their new film on their cities.

2 years ago

Which Nordic Nations Are Making Friends Fastest on Twitter?

It's not all about friends, but for destinations it is about communicating to as many of your target audiences as you can in a language they can understand.

2 years ago

Norway Puts Tighter Fuel Restrictions on Cruise Ships in Wilderness Areas

Keeping the unspoiled wilderness unspoiled is hard to do without some rules to keep out the pollution.

3 years ago

New Norwegian Air Route Drives Scandinavian Travelers to Florida

Snow for sun is an easy trade-off and high demand for the new connection is driving Norwegian's North American expansion with more low-cost routes expected in 2015.

3 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Campaigns That Engage Online and in the Flesh

3 years ago

Oslo Hotel Enables Guests To Sleep With Their Favorite Rock Stars

Guests can have an A-ha moment, or choose another band, at this Oslo hotel. The band members who came up with the concept do have a point: So many hotel rooms look the same, and their idea will definitely spice things up.

3 years ago

Scandinavian Hotel Giant Returns to the Scene of His Biggest Failure

What with the regulations and the cost, doing hotels in Scandinavia isn't easy. It's a challenge that Starwood and other chains don't have.

3 years ago