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Air China’s In-Flight Magazine Removed Following Racist London Article

The irony is that in this age of cities realizing that they're really much bigger than a downtown tourist core, the neighborhoods Air China's in-flight magazine warned readers about is exactly where DMOs are counting on growth.

1 month ago

Skift Podcast: The Relevance of Travel Media in an Age of Media Abundance

The landscape for travel-focused media is changing as advertising dollars shift, social media encroaches, and the need for clicks battles the desire to inspire.

5 months ago

Lonely Planet’s New Travel Magazine Is Now on U.S. Newsstands

The more magazines, the merrier. Let's hope LP moves further in the next issue to add its own distinctive take to the medium.

12 months ago

What Happens When You Read a Stack of Travel Magazines at the Beach

We'd rather read a magazine than get grains of sand stuck in our iPhone, but we worry that we're no longer in the majority.

1 year ago

For Lonely Planet Now Is the Right Time to Launch Its U.S. Magazine

We don't know how successful LP will be with its ambitions for the magazine, but we do know that they'll be more successful by focusing on the brand's expertise and its readers' willingness to travel than low prices and budget bets.

1 year ago

Exclusive: National Geographic Traveler Announces Its New Editor-in-Chief

Although it is playing it safe to a certain extent, National Geographic pulls off the trick of both hiring from within and getting a new digital perspective.

1 year ago

6 Ways to Make Travel Magazines Better

Where do we send our subscription money?

2 years ago

The Largest Business Media and Information Companies in Travel, 2015

A lot more innovation needs to come into travel business media and information. Hopefully we and some of the newer players will continue to aggressively shake up the the business of covering the business of the world's largest sector.

2 years ago

The Smithsonian Gets Into Travel Publishing With New Journeys Magazine

The Smithsonian has been investing heavily in more populist content over the last year, and it's good news for the travel industry if the publishing world sees such a bright future in a new print title.

2 years ago

First Look at Travel + Leisure’s Revamped Magazine and Website

There's a renewed focus on experience and expertise in the new T+L that thankfully goes beyond mere inspiration and bucket list collections.

2 years ago

Why I Left an Enviable Career in Travel Writing for PR: A First-Person Perspective

The golden age of travel writing is over. What's next to take its place?

2 years ago

The Future of the In-Flight Magazine in an iPad Age

A good in-flight magazine can take you unexpected places your iPad won't. We don't want to see them go anywhere but up.

2 years ago