London Mayor Urges Britain’s New PM to Build a Second Gatwick Runway

We didn't get anywhere with London airport expansion plans under David Cameron or Boris Johnson, but perhaps new leaders in the mayor and prime minister's offices will help change that.

London’s Tube Finally Begins Testing 24-Hour Service

Think of all the tourists who will no longer have to grudgingly take a taxi a midnight because they never expected the Tube not to be running 24 hours.

New London Mayor Clears Way for City Airport Expansion

Even if London City Airport is able to expand, London politicians would do well to take a look at expanding Heathrow to accommodate more international passengers.

London Is Promoting Its Intellectual Capital to Attract Conference Planners

The new "Capital of Cutting Edge" report is more of a positioning statement than research paper, describing why more conference planners should judge a city based on its intellectual capital.

What Cities Can Learn From Travelers Using Apple Pay on London’s Tube

London's contact-less payments system is already embraced by many international travelers who want to quickly get where they're going. It doesn't make sense for travelers to buy a card they may only need a few times and tapping credit cards and Apple Pay on card readers solves this problem.

Heathrow Third Runway Supporters Are Feeling Confident, Despite Delays

Supporters may see victory, but it needs to come sooner rather than later if they're serious about defending London's position in transatlantic travel.

Life Inside the Anti-Runway Camp Outside Heathrow Airport

Nothing about this collection of images says that the anti-runway people have a decent, viable alternative to expansion.

British Prime Minister Puts Off Heathrow Runway Decision Until Summer

Seriously, time to man up Cameron. Everyone is waiting.

Leaders Push UK Prime Minister to Make a Decision on Heathrow Expansion

It's a deeply divisive issue, but Cameron needs to put on his big boy pants and make the call. It's shouldn't be a faster decision to decide to bomb Syria than to add or not a third runway.

U.K. Lawmakers Oppose Third Heathrow Runway Without Safeguards

Any solution that doesn't include an expansion of Heathrow is ill-fated, but that doesn't mean controls can't be put in place to keep air pollution from spiraling out of control.