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British Airways Cuts Back Its Business-Class-Only New York to London Service

Given the proximity, it's difficult to tell whether BA's decision had anything to do with Brexit. Still, if there is an economic slowdown in the UK, expect to see premium bookings taking a hit.

4 weeks ago

London Finally Gets Late-Night Weekend Subway Service

London still has a ways to go before its nightlife catches up with other world class destinations.

1 month ago

Robert De Niro’s Hotel Business Expands to London

De Niro's global hotel empire continues to grow.

1 month ago

Expedia in Talks for New London Headquarters to Increase European Footprint

Expedia is scaling back the design of its new Seattle headquarters but it isn't a contradiction for it to look for new digs in London as the company seeks to jumpstart expansion in Europe. The company is being prudent, not reckless.

2 months ago

Destinations Delve Into Research To Engage Millennials — Meetings Innovation Report

Is research the new content marketing for convention bureaus? We hope so because it's a good way for cities to differentiate themselves, and it provides new inspiration for event programming and education.

2 months ago

Tourism Bureaus Turn to Rigorous Research to Differentiate Their Brands

When convention and visitor bureaus produce extensive research papers and trend reports, they're showing their commitment to embrace Millennial consumers.

2 months ago

London Mayor Urges Britain’s New PM to Build a Second Gatwick Runway

We didn't get anywhere with London airport expansion plans under David Cameron or Boris Johnson, but perhaps new leaders in the mayor and prime minister's offices will help change that.

2 months ago

London’s Tube Finally Begins Testing 24-Hour Service

Think of all the tourists who will no longer have to grudgingly take a taxi a midnight because they never expected the Tube not to be running 24 hours.

4 months ago

New London Mayor Clears Way for City Airport Expansion

Even if London City Airport is able to expand, London politicians would do well to take a look at expanding Heathrow to accommodate more international passengers.

5 months ago

London Is Promoting Its Intellectual Capital to Attract Conference Planners

The new "Capital of Cutting Edge" report is more of a positioning statement than research paper, describing why more conference planners should judge a city based on its intellectual capital.

6 months ago

What Cities Can Learn From Travelers Using Apple Pay on London’s Tube

London's contact-less payments system is already embraced by many international travelers who want to quickly get where they're going. It doesn't make sense for travelers to buy a card they may only need a few times and tapping credit cards and Apple Pay on card readers solves this problem.

7 months ago

Heathrow Third Runway Supporters Are Feeling Confident, Despite Delays

Supporters may see victory, but it needs to come sooner rather than later if they're serious about defending London's position in transatlantic travel.

8 months ago