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Hotel Tonight launches its last-minute booking service in London

With prices marked high booker operatives not sold out, the first international city outside of Canada is the perfect market this summer for the San Francisco startup.


London’s mayor looks to Stansted to solve Heathrow’s runway problem

Johnson's move to Stansted and Gatwick isn't a realistic solution to Heathrow's runway problems unless there's a more concerted approach to make it easier for transiting flyers to connect between the city's airports.


Thames River gondola crossing will open early, see action during the Olympics

The cross-Thames gondola line pulls off something rare by beating its opening date by over a month. It will be used as to shuttle spectators during the Olympic Games and new workers and residents around revitalized areas after the games.


Olympic VIP traffic lanes will further test Londoners’ patience

On one hand, the dedicated lanes will make transit between games events much easier for press and officials. On the other, everyone else will hate them for it.


Olympic background check touches on at least half a million potential London visitors

Running checks on half a million potential visitors can't be easy when you're also trying to generate good press around the globe, but it appears as if games officials in London are managing just fine.


How to improve Heathrow? Tear it down and turn it into a residential district

Adding to the debate over improving Heathrow comes this rather radical proposal to ditch the site and turn the enviable location into better housing for Londoners. No word on where they'll fit the replacement airport, though.


Hotel bookings during London Olympics are off by a third

Summer tourists who may have hit London in previous years are turning to Paris, Barcelona, and other destinations where the spectacle of the games isn't driving up costs or creating headaches.

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Gift to Olympic visitors: Free WiFi at London Tube stations

This will be the latest attempt by London to bring connectivity underground. Now Virgin has all eyes on it to deliver WiFi in stations where previous voice initiatives have failed.


Will ticket sales at the London Olympics turn out to be an embarrassment?

Website failures and a total lack of transparency have Olympic critics asserting that ticket demand for the games is underwhelming at best and at flat-out failure at worst.


UK borders to be manned by receptionists and clerks

The UK government looks to meet the demands of inbound tourism this summer by using lightly trained support staff to man security at major border crossings -- including Heathrow during the Olympics.