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London’s airport wars get hotter as mayor supports second Stansted runway

There's nothing like a good fight between a Prime Minister and a Mayor over airport development to highlight the difficulties of making genuinely smart decisions about transport development.


Emirates Airline cable car service opens in London

Will the new service become an indispensable part of London's transit system or come to be seen as a a monorail for the current generation?


Uber’s big-time London gamble had big-time competition

The uber-urge to expand, especially with the amount of money pumped into Uber, could make or break the company. London's the biggest test so far.


Seoul’s Incheon airport group wants to buy London’s Stansted

BAA's reluctance to sell its stake in order for the London market to remain competitive is a strong argument in favor of forcing the group to divest.


Will London’s Tube let down the Olympic games?

The Associated Press lays out the main concerns regarding London's challenges while sharing way too much optimism for hotel occupancy rates.


London hotels drop rates by 25% after Olympics numbers disappoint

Hoteliers have their fingers crossed that domestic tourism will fill rooms left over after high prices scared off international visitors.


Gatwick may roll out a second runway to attract Asia traffic

Gatwick is arguing that the "obsession" with Heathrow's hub system limits real discussion of aviation growth in England's southeast.


British Airways wants Londoners to stay put for the Olympics

Outbound tourism people don't like this campaign at all but, c'mon, why not root for the home team? Plus: Out- and in-bound flights from Heathrow are almost completely booked up during the games.


Hotel Tonight launches its last-minute booking service in London

With prices marked high booker operatives not sold out, the first international city outside of Canada is the perfect market this summer for the San Francisco startup.


London’s mayor looks to Stansted to solve Heathrow’s runway problem

Johnson's move to Stansted and Gatwick isn't a realistic solution to Heathrow's runway problems unless there's a more concerted approach to make it easier for transiting flyers to connect between the city's airports.