Kashmir targets Indian visitors with a new travel magazine

Kashmir’s tourism industry has grown rapidly in the past two years and the magazine is just one of several marketing efforts the region is undertaking to attract more visitors from its largest inbound market.

The seven-nation Birmingham to Pakistan bus launch delayed due to permits

Backpackers and hardened travelers have been looking forward to being among the first to ride all the way through, and despite security concerns and permits involved, we hope this one actually launches.

UK Foreign Office lifts warning on travel to Kashmir’s “Venice of the East”

A boost of tourism would be welcomed in the region, but the relaxed travel advisory warns travelers that visits outside these main tourist areas should be taken at their own risk.

UK proposes bus route that spans seven countries from Birmingham to Pakistan

Air travel seems to have become so intolerable that Pakistani Kashmiri expats are amused by the idea of revitalizing the 12-day historical road trip rather than battle airports and flying fees.

Tourists are returning to Kashmir, but it would like to see even more come back

Warnings from the British Foreign Service and the U.S. State Department notwithstanding, Kashmir is seeing tourist return, although they're primarily from the region.

Tourism makes mini-comeback in Kashmir, but calls for modesty may temper growth

Will it temper the badly needed tourism revival in Kashmir? Some say calls for modesty are just cultural and no different from other parts of India, some fear a turn towards radicalism.

No room for any more tourists in Kashmir this summer

Two years of relative peace have put the region back on the tourist map.