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U.S. Hospitality Jobs Provided Boost to Employment Growth in June

Many hoteliers have said there's a talent gap in the hospitality industry and that hotels are missing key skills needed to help them create an enjoyable, twenty-first century guest experience. These job numbers prove hoteliers are responding to demand but time will tell if these new jobs are helping create a more skilled workforce.

4 months ago

Skift Is Seeking a Full-Time Business Reporter in London

Be part of the smartest editorial team in travel.

7 months ago

Hotels Partner With College To Address Shortage in Tourism Workforce

Hotels in Wisconsin know they have to do a better job in convincing students that tourism careers can be an attractive option and they are taking steps to get that message out.

1 year ago

The Foreign Faces Behind Qatar’s Hospitality Workforce

Travelers in many global cities complain that it's difficult to meet locals in their interactions with hotel, tour or transportation staff; however, having a truly global view means traveling by means of meeting someone new, no matter the location.

2 years ago

U.S. Travel and Tourism Industry Provided 7.6 Million Jobs in 2013

The travel and tourism industry consists of an extremely broad range of businesses and services, and there was broad yet modest employment gains across many of its sectors.

2 years ago

Tourist Spending in New Mexico Outpaces Visitor Growth

It's always positive for a destination to see its offerings are encouraging greater visitor spending; the next step is to attract more tourists to continue increasing those spend levels.

2 years ago

Priceline CEO on Why Amsterdam Is Better for Business Than Silicon Valley

The Priceline Group's culture is fairly buttoned up so the company wouldn't think about doing Airbnb-style apartment rentals at this juncture, but if the legal hassles eventually get sorted out, then Priceline would take a hard look.

2 years ago

VisitBritain Is on the Hunt for the Next Great Tourism Board CEO

Most professional travel roles boil down to marketing and trying to get travelers to pick your destination, hotel, or airline over all other choices. You ace that and your skills applicable in almost any sector.

3 years ago

Orbitz Worldwide to Add 40 Tech Jobs as It Readies China Launch

Expedia and TripAdvisor have subsidiaries in China, Priceline has gone the partnership route with Ctrip, and now Orbitz Worldwide wants to get in on the action in a more meaningful way through its HotelClub subsidiary. HotelClub will have to do some heavy lifting in China, which is a coupling, discounting and highly competitive market.

3 years ago

Southwest Receives 80 Applications Per Minute For 750 Flight Attendant Jobs

All of that international expansion that Southwest plans to begin in 2014 translates into jobs, jobs, jobs.

3 years ago

U.S. Budget Airlines Added Jobs in 2013 While Major Carriers Cut Them

Increased airline fees are almost always discussed in a negative light, but are also largely to credit for airlines' growing profits that lead to job creation instead of loss.

3 years ago

Trends In U.S. Airline Employment in 2013

Besides the seasonal factors, the macro picture is that U.S. airlines are cutting flights to improve efficiency, and that also means lower number of full time employees.

3 years ago