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Italy’s Museums Are Turning to Private Sector Funding to Cover Costs

These are certainly some creative funding ideas, and they're notable for seeking involvement from a broader section of the population. But beyond the initial curiosity, they'll need to find more sustainable models.

2 months ago

Brexit Fears and Italian Tax Cuts Bring More Ryanair Flights to Rome and Milan

Ryanair is repositioning dozens of jets on order from the UK to other European countries and Italy is a beneficiary because of its decision to avoid a hike of airline-ticket taxes. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary likes that tax advantage.

2 months ago

Qatar Airways Wants a Piece of Italian Air Carrier Meridiana

Qatar Airways buying a piece of Meridiana and revamping its fleet would allow it to better compete in Italy against Etihad and Emerates.

9 months ago

Pompeii Opens Six Restored Sites After Fixing its Labor Disputes

Pompeii is one of the few places in the world where modern tourists get a glimpse of what ancient life was like and literally walk through it. To see that deteriorate because of petty politics would be a shame.

10 months ago

What Tour Operators Think Will Trend in 2016

American Baby Boomers like going on tours when vacationing, and they want to visit exotic locations.

11 months ago

Ferrari Tourists Driving Residents Crazy in Picturesque Italian Town

This must be one of the more obnoxious tourist behaviors that we've seen.

11 months ago

Rome’s 2024 Olympics Bid Could Feature Colosseum as Picturesque Backdrop

The class between tourism and the locals always comes into play in Olympics bids. If Rome gets the August 2024 Olympics then at least many of the Italians will be away on vacation.

1 year ago

Vatican Debuts Train Service to the Pope’s Summer Estate

Pope Francis is a homebody who doesn't often visit the Papal summer estate. Opening it up means the emergence of another popular tourism attraction for operators and booking sites. The Vatican itself is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

1 year ago

The Milan Expo Isn’t Luring Nearly as Many Foreign Visitors as It Expected

We'd love to see the numbers on the hotel pricing, but we would also argue that nobody goes to Italy to see a world's fair. They go to Italy to see Italy first and foremost.

1 year ago

What It’s Like to Stay With Francis Ford Coppola, Boutique Hotelier

Is it just us, or does it seem that Coppola has figured out a way for others to pay for all of his vacation homes? Smart move.

1 year ago

Summer Tourists in Italy Greeted by Strikes and Work Slowdowns

Sound like the Italy summers that we've come to know so well.

1 year ago

TripAdvisor Wins in Italy as Court Rejects Hotels’ Fake Reviews Complaints

No one -- not even TripAdvisor -- argues that all its user reviews are legitimate but the service still provides invaluable information for travelers scoping out hotels. Many global chains understand this, although the Italian hospitality association and regulators haven't received the memo.

1 year ago