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Sleeping on (Some) Planes Is Better Than Ever With New Aircraft and Technology

Travelers remember the carriers that are now investing in new aircraft, technology and amenities that help them relax and feel refreshed during and after their flights.

4 months ago

New Gogo Deal Means Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi From Pole to Pole

If things keep evolving at this pace in the air, we're going to have a hard time finding excuses not to be connected to the office. Off-line vacations are the next big trend. Right that down.

8 months ago

Crystal Cabin Award Shortlist Reveals Top 7 Airline Trends

It’s no surprise that many of this year’s Crystal Cabin nominees focus on innovations which reduce weight and redistribute space, but innovations and improvements are always welcome onboard.

9 months ago

The Future of Airplane Seat Reclining or Not

The really good news is that, while Premium passengers drive profits, Economy passengers are growing. That passenger growth can lead to positive changes in future Economy cabin design.

12 months ago

Passengers Don’t Make Rational Judgments, Which is Good News for Branding Experts

Traditional full-service airlines are an endangered species in the skies, and have been for decades, as industry consolidation proves. But a passenger perception gap still threatens the business. The legacy airlines remaining must focus on better brand definition to improve passenger satisfaction, if they are to survive.

12 months ago

IATA Study Finds You Can’t Run an Airline on Happy Passengers Alone

Passengers like to have nice cabin environments, but they don't seem willing to reward airlines for offering them. It would appear, most often, that passengers choose airlines based on affordable fares and convenient routes. As IATA’s Tony Tyler said, you get what you pay for.

12 months ago

Finnair Brings Us One Step Closer to the Future of Long-Haul Flight

Finnair becomes the latest airline to take advantage of the passenger experience features of the A350, with a Nordic design appeal. It is an enlightened vision for the future of flying.

1 year ago

Jennifer Aniston’s Emirates Advertising Debut Is a Passenger Experience Nightmare

Emirates has chosen wisely with Aniston. Anyone else playing this role might have come across as snobby, but we really feel for her even if we're the ones stuck in coach.

1 year ago

Upselling Is Killing the Airline Industry One Bad Economy Seat at a Time

By crushing passengers knees, airlines might just be shooting themselves in the foot.

1 year ago

Etihad Adds Concierge Service Because Butlers on a Plane Aren’t Fancy Enough

Don't you hate those times when you need a rare blue diamond in a rush, but it turns out that you're stuck on a plane being pampered by a butler whose only fault is lack of connections to a diamond dealer? Problem solved.

1 year ago

Airbus Has a Tech Accelerator That Could Make Flying Better for Everyone

Thanks to Airbus, the elbow wars are now one step closer to an equitable peace.

1 year ago

Cathay Pacific on Designing Brand Experience from the Ground Up

There is nothing harder than keeping things simple.

1 year ago