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Eventbrite to offer event attendees deals on Uber, HotelTonight, and RentTheRunway

This clever startup partnership will both draw new users to the startup services and give event planners an incentive to use Eventbrite to offer attendees the extra perks.

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Tonight-only hotel deals start a smartphone app arms race, but who does it best?

Everyone wants a little chunk of the last-minute business. It's going to come down to who makes it easiest to find what a user wants with the least number of taps on the smartphone.


HotelTonight acquires PrimaTable for technology and team

You can make the argument that this acquisition will get more relevant hotel deals to consumers, but HotelTonight's acquisition of PrimaTable really is about maximizing revenue for the hotels and HotelTonight.


HotelTonight adds personalized offers and user ratings for greater choice

The app’s limited options are popular with bookers who want to make a quick decision, but personalization can lead to fewer options which may be a downside in markets with already limited tonight-only inventory.

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More UK and U.S. expansion for last-minute booking service HotelTonight

City by city, the HotelTonight team is carving out its place as the go-to service for last-minute bookings. As it grows, will it be able to maintain its focus?

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Priceline blasts Hotel Tonight on inflated savings claims

Priceline is calling out Hotel Tonight on its allegedly inflated savings' claims, and the issue is one that permeates the travel industry as purported discounts can sometimes turn out to be fictitious.