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HotelTonight Becomes Profitable but IPO Chances Are Remote

HotelTonight is more likely to get acquired than to do a successful IPO given the company's relatively small size. The app is exquisite but competition by bigger players is intense.

2 months ago

Kayak and HotelTonight Trademark Dispute Ends in Partnership

Kayak apparently got cute in trying to use the phrase "Hotel for tonight" in its apps and it appears as though HotelTonight prevailed in a trademark flap. Now they've partnered up as HotelTonight is selling through Kayak in a bid to trim costs.

8 months ago

HotelTonight’s Troubles Signal a Reckoning for High-Value Startups – 25 Moments in 2015

25 Moments that Mattered in 2015: To make our selection of 25 moments, we thought back to the stories that drove reader engagement and sparked discussion among both travel experts and the general public. Some stories were quick blips that represented bigger things while others were narratives that built slowly through out the year. Each one, though, spoke to where we are right now when it comes to the big business of global travel.

10 months ago

The Fickle Startup: When to Chase and When to Flee From a Category Leader

Given the headlines, while Rome2Rio, Captain Train and Loco2 are trying to get the message out that they are just as hot as travel-startup peer GoEuro, in contrast Hot Hotels is getting the word out that it will avoid some of the business model pitfalls of HotelTonight.

11 months ago

Exclusive: HotelTonight Is Up for Sale Following Layoffs

The rest of the travel industry -- or at least the big players that matter -- have caught up to HotelTonight, the first mover in the same-day mobile hotel-booking space. Heavily funded, HotelTonight is seeking an exit that makes its investors whole.

11 months ago

HotelTonight Cuts 20% of Staff to Focus on ‘Long Term’

As we've said before, HotelTonight was facing tough challenges from hotel brands and better funded online booking sites that have their own design on the last-minute booking space.

12 months ago

Is It Crisis Time for HotelTonight or All Systems Go?

As competitors close in and some do heavy TV advertising, HotelTonight states that it is doing "hundreds of millions of dollars" annually in gross bookings and that it has grown 100 percent per year over the last two years. This will continue to be an interesting skirmish between a well-funded startup focusing on last-minute versus larger players that can offer more wide-ranging solutions for hotels.

1 year ago

The Standard Hotels Launches Its Own Same-Day App

This app is obviously only for married couples celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries or higher. Know what we mean?

2 years ago

Booking.com Sharpens Last-Minute Booking Focus With Standalone App

Focus, such as Booking.com's sole attention to lodging, has frequently been a winner in online travel. Booking Now's focus on last-minute bookings, instead of trying to be all things to all people in a multipurpose app, may produce substantial gains.

2 years ago

Apple Pay Will Become a Standard Option for Travel Brands

It's no longer enough for a travel brand to have an app and hope that convenience alone will lead to a booking. By not needing to input a credit card number to make a transaction, the freedom to make that last-minute booking just got expanded.

2 years ago

Skift Forum Video: HotelTonight’s CEO on Curation in Travel

HotelTonight puts simplicity and curation in the palm of users' hands.

2 years ago

How Travel Brands Can Measure Success on Instagram

Smarter insight into how Instagram users are engaging with brands always helps.

2 years ago