Cathay Pacific Can’t Find Enough Premium Passengers in Hong Kong

A slump is a good time to make smart investments for the long term, not play musical chairs with executives.

Cathay Pacific Expected to Take Big Loss Over Fuel Hedging Strategy

A few years ago, hedging fuel was a smart strategy. But with fuel pricing dropping, fuel hedging is becoming a liability.

A Drastic Dearth of Mainland Chinese Visitors Hurts Hong Kong’s Retail Businesses

If mainland Chinese visitors aren't shopping in Hong Kong as much anymore, the big question is where are they shopping now? Here's hoping the construction of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge will help boost tourism in Hong Kong and neighboring Macau, which has also seen its visitor numbers decline.

Hong Kong Disneyland Cuts Jobs as Mainland Tourism Drops

Hong Kong and mainland China need to hit reset on their tourism relationship.

Hong Kong Expects Slowing Economic Growth as Tourism Slumps

The rise of competitive tourism destinations outside Hong Kong and various social uprisings inside the city are forcing the government to provide new economic incentives to maintain growth in 2016.

Hong Kong Disneyland Lost $19 Million in 2015

Can Iron Man and Star Wars keep the Hong Kong park from disappointing like Euro Disney?

Asia’s Busiest International Airport Has to Wait 10 Years for a New Runway

We'll see a shift in influence over the next two decades as hubs in cities like London, Hong Kong, and New York that aren't able to keep up with change are left behind by destinations that can.

The Trouble With Tourists From Berlin to Hong Kong

Locals really, really don't want tourists to live like a local. They just want them to let locals live their lives without tacky shops and sky-high housing costs geared toward by people living on big vacation budgets.

Hong Kong Is too Dependent on Mainland China Shopping Tourism

Hong Kong retail is too dependent on mainland China for its own good. It's turned the central part of town into a mall where only people who don't care about money would choose to shop.

InterContinental Continues Asset Sell Off With $938 Million Hong Kong Deal

It's easy to go asset light when nearly a billion dollars is dangled before your eyes.