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TSA Security Lines This Weekend Weren’t Nearly as Bad as Feared

This may have been a case of great planning by the airlines, airports, and the TSA, or a case of scaring everyone to the point that anything other than a two-hour wait seemed like a blessing.

5 months ago

Lunar New Year in China Will Reveal New Travel and Spending Habits

Lunar New Year is always the best way to take the pulse of changing consumer habits in China.

9 months ago

Post-Holiday Air Travel in Central U.S. Hits Weather-Related Snag

Pity the passenger that transits through Chicago from November to May.

10 months ago

Post-Thanksgiving Travel in U.S. Is Better Than Usual This Year

A nice change of pace that's dependent entirely upon weather.

11 months ago

Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day Tourists in Ireland

From pubs to natural attractions, the holiday gives visitors the incentive they need to visit "now" rather than the future, a critical factor which all destinations look to promote.

2 years ago

The Year-Long Effort Behind Las Vegas’ Destination New Year’s Eve Event

It's somewhat staggering to see the amount of money and planning that goes into finding more creative ways to lure tourists and encourage maximum spend.

2 years ago

Majority of Americans Would Prefer Relatives Stay Somewhere Else This Holiday Season

After too many embarrassing conversations with their in-laws, Americans want a breather from them when it's time for lights out.

2 years ago

Fog Turns Holiday Travel Into Series of Delays on U.S. East Coast

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... to be stuck at the airport.

2 years ago

Medellin Shifts Reputation From Drugs to Holiday Lights

The shift is tourists' perspective took years of significant political change. It less a testament to tourism than the economic benefits that positive changes can bring.

2 years ago

Airports Around the World Aren’t Skimping on Holiday Celebrations

It's difficult to determine an exact ROI on airports' holiday celebrations, but neglecting to recognize the season would be noticeable and have negative impact on customers' perceptions.

2 years ago

Airline Cancellations Snarl Thanksgiving Travel in the U.S. Northeast

2 years ago

Smart Airlines Waive Rebooking Fees as Winter Storms Sideline Flyers

Good airlines know it's best to waive the fees and avoid frustration and anger from passengers. But not all airlines are good.

2 years ago