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Waldorf Astoria New York’s Secrets Range From a Train Station to Clandestine Entrance

The Waldorf Astoria isn't alone in having this mystery and history to share, and more properties would do well to dig deeper into their own stories to share with guests.

2 months ago

How U.S. Route 66 Was Different for Black Travelers

Those who fail to learn from the history of Jim Crow are destined to drive down that road, whether it is for a Route 66 vacation or on Main Street, yet again.

4 months ago

Visitor Growth at Auschwitz Site Prompts Plea for Pre-Bookings

The concept of access to historical or natural attractions is often debated in the travel industry once a destination becomes so popular that the volume of visitors begins to threaten its sustainability.

2 years ago

Travel Channel Combines Time Travel and a Comedian for Latest Series

Travel Channel is working hard to produce travel content that appeals to a broad potential audience with hopes of revitalizing its image as a go-to travel platform. Whether it's successful is still to be seen.

2 years ago

Rhode Island Locals Are Fighting Over Mansion’s Transformation Into Tourist Zoo

Historians want to keep mansion's grounds as untouched as possible, but that neglects the reality that its primary purpose is to generate tourism profits, not serve as a family's private home.

3 years ago

The Historic American Sites That We Saved and Lost In 2013

Americans received a wake up call to the importance of their parks and monuments in 2013 when a partial government shutdown closed hundreds of sites. But there are smaller institutions and patches of land across the country that fight for their survival on a daily basis.

3 years ago

U.S. National Parks Rely on Preservation Specialists to Keep Their History Alive

The parks are a national asset whose value was realized during the 2013 government shutdown. The monuments and structures within them carry as much national history as any in the capital.

3 years ago

The 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination Draws Tourists to Dallas

Commemorative events will be hosted throughout Dallas making it one of the best times to visit. Solemn or not, the city will be raking in tourist dollars all week.

3 years ago

New Cache of Ancient Artifacts Uncovered Near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

This major addition to the historical artifacts that Israel offers will significantly enhance its appeal to archeologically-minded tourists.

3 years ago

Italy Tries to Save Pompeii from Natural Decay and Mafia Corruption

Back in March, the Italian and EU governments found that mafia corruption of Pompeii's maintenance was responsible for much of the decay. They'll be keeping a closer eye on restoration efforts now, or they'll risk losing one of the nation's biggest draws.

3 years ago

UK Town Bemoans Development Near Historic Home of Shakespeare’s Wife

The small cottage is an international attraction and keeps employment unusually high for the community; it's both fear of ruining the attraction and protecting its sanctity that has some city officials up in arms.

3 years ago

Well-preserved Paris palace partially destroyed by night fire

Be it natural deterioration, random fires, or human construction, the world’s most historic structures and popular tourist attractions are constantly at risk of destruction, hence the importance of preservation efforts.

3 years ago