London Mayor Talks Up Gatwick Airport Expansion in Wake of Brexit

The UK government still seems no closer to deciding where to build a new runway. How much longer can it keep delaying the choice?

Heathrow Third Runway Supporters Are Feeling Confident, Despite Delays

Supporters may see victory, but it needs to come sooner rather than later if they're serious about defending London's position in transatlantic travel.

Life Inside the Anti-Runway Camp Outside Heathrow Airport

Nothing about this collection of images says that the anti-runway people have a decent, viable alternative to expansion.

British Prime Minister Puts Off Heathrow Runway Decision Until Summer

Seriously, time to man up Cameron. Everyone is waiting.

Heathrow Reveals a Vision for Its Third Runway Expansion

Heathrow has managed to function as a major international hub despite its runway limitations. But future passenger growth means it will need to expand, if it is to hold a leadership position both in Europe and around the world.

Heathrow CEO Says Volkswagen Scandal Will Help Fix Airport’s Pollution Problem

One company's scandal is another airport's potentially good fortune.

Heathrow CEO Calls for Reduced Emissions in Aviation

Holland-Kaye is right to call upon world governments, and the aviation industry itself, to produce solutions that make a tangible difference in the battle against climate change. It's also smart politics considering Heathrow's battle against environmentalists.

Heathrow Expansion Would Be an Easy Win in Parliament, Says Key Leader

The only politicians voting against the expansion will be the ones whose constituencies are under the flightpath.

Heathrow’s Environmental Activists Are Getting It All Wrong

That said, it's much easier to tie yourself to a runway than to do the very hard work of changing policy and industry.

Anti-Growth Activists Breach Heathrow Perimeter in Runway Protest

Delaying flights is not the best way to get people on your side.