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UK border officers at Heathrow are missing possible security threats

Normal training for a border officer is six to eight weeks, yet new staff managing desks are coming in with a day under their belts. When you layer on top the ambitious incompetence of the Home Office's political appointees, you've got a real mess on your hands.


UK’s Border Force still can’t manage its immigration desks at Heathrow

The UK government is failing so often over such a long period of time on this front that it's hard to come up with an original, new Skift Take to address its incompetence.


Temporary Border Agency employees at Heathrow will be wearing trainee hats

Heathrow had problems processing people though immigration before the Olympics and they'll have it afterwards unless non-Band Aid solutions are found to why the Border Agency is having such a hard time doing its job.


Head of UK Border Control to step down following the Olympics

Brian Moore's security background caused him to focus on borders strictly as a security issue rather than a savvy combination of strict controls and good will that border and customs officials must exhibit.


Hand clapping in massive Heathrow lines frightens inept Border Force

The UK Border Force is finding more creative ways to prove how terribly run it truly is, but this is a real gem. Rather than adding more security to protect border agents, how about adding more border agents?


Aer Lingus says it’s not giving in to Ryanair, bids for slots at Heathrow

Aer Lingus' action in the face of all of its problems is practically cute, but it likely won't be able to outflank Ryanair's Michael O'Leary this time.


Britain’s Border Force just can’t get its act together at Heathrow

You can't fail this often for so long without really, really trying. PM David Cameron needs to beg qualified Border Force officials to return and show his team how to run things.


The World’s most unpopular airport? Heathrow slammed again by BAA after long delays

Heathrow's operator BAA isn't happy about taking the fall for government incompetence, as their frequent leaks to the media make clear.