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Historic City Gets Court OK to License Tour Guides Although Lawsuit Looms

While Washington, D.C. and Savannah, Georgia withdrew moves to require the licensing of tour guides, Charleston is intent on doing so although the outcome of a lawsuit will have something to say about that.

4 months ago

Google’s New Travel App Is a Mashup of Guidebook and TripIt

As with anything Google does, you can expect Google Trips to be very much a work in progress that goes through numerous iterations before it becomes available to the public. But its beta release expands Google's footprint in the travel ecosystem especially since so many consumers begin their trip planning in the search engine and explore destinations with the Maps app.

6 months ago

TripAdvisor Takes New Steps Toward Offering the Ultimate Travel Guide App

The challenge for TripAdvisor is whether it will win by being an all-encompassing app or whether it is better to be more focused like Expedia's or HotelTonight's apps. In phasing out its City Guides app, TripAdvisor is putting itself in the comprehensive camp.

1 year ago

Interview: Groupon’s Founder Is Trying to Reinvent the Audio City Tour

Due to the seamless user experience and interface, Detour truly delivers on the demand for authentic, local travel experiences and immersive educational travel. As with all of these creative attempts at tours: Do users actually care?

1 year ago

Yelp Loses Ground to Competitors and Its Stock Slumps

After numerous run ins with Google, Yelp has hopefully learned that it can't expect anything from the search giant.

2 years ago

Gogobot Raises $20 Million Series C Round Led by HomeAway

Gogobot is a small factor today in competing with category leader TripAdvisor on the reviews' front, but the HomeAway partnership will enable it to increase its profile on the back of HomeAway's global footprint.

2 years ago

How Two Legacy Tour Groups Source Local Guides

This is one travel segment still ripe for disruption. There is high demand for curated tours, but the process for sourcing and training local experts to lead them hasn't become any easier.

2 years ago

Thai Tour Operators Come Out Swinging Against Internet Tour Guides

The rise of peer-to-peer tour guide websites masks a real issue that pre-dates them: Illegal, unliscensed guides scamming unsuspecting tourists.

2 years ago

Foursquare Releases New Logo Before Splitting Its Product in Half

Foursquare's making a big bet that users will check-in to the new experience, but it needed a big change to move forward.

2 years ago

Skift Survey: Consumers Are Asking for Packages Beyond Packaged Travel

Overall, travelers today are looking to travel with friends and family and use local firms in the destination they’re going to.

2 years ago

Apple Buys Local Guide App Spotsetter to Improve Discovery on Mobile

Fingers crossed Apple didn't share about its mobile mapping ambitions earlier this week at its WWDC and has lots of improvements -- like this -- to make before the iOS 8 update in the fall.

2 years ago

5 New Travel Startups Aim for Smarter Pre-Trip Planning

2 years ago