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Which Nordic Nations Are Making Friends Fastest on Twitter?

It's not all about friends, but for destinations it is about communicating to as many of your target audiences as you can in a language they can understand.

2 years ago

How American Airlines and Iceland Got Starring Roles in Ben Stiller’s ‘Walter Mitty’

To the average viewer, the movie is a nice tale on the joys of travel. But any marketing or travel professional will see destination marketing at its most motivational best.

3 years ago

Visit Greenland Uses Social Media to Attract Visitors with Stunning Photos

Despite Greenland's unparalleled beauty and digital intelligence, it is still extremely expensive to visit with only a few months of optimal travel weather. It is the country's difficult travel conditions that have kept it untainted by the growing millions of tourists, for better or for worse.

3 years ago

The village at the end of the world, struggling for its survival

4 years ago

Best travel ads this week: 5 inspiring videos that soar

4 years ago

As Greenland grows food for first time, will tourism costs come down?

Greenland is still very expensive to get to and stay, but with food costs for locals coming down and diversity of choices increasing, will that mean more cost-effective packages for tourists?

4 years ago

Could Greenland become the next gourmet destination?

Besides being for the extreme-tourism minded, the country has to solve a slew of ethical issues surrounding killing of seals and whales, before it can hope to become a mainstream gourmet tourism destination like its parent Denmark has.

4 years ago