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Big U.S. Airlines Realize They Missed a Shot at Cheapest Jet Fuel Prices in 12 Years

What was American's CEO saying about perpetual profits this week? Not if you miss out on chances like this.

4 months ago

Cheap Gas Means the Return of the Great American Road Trip

We said in January this would be a great time for road trips. And it will be a great time for mid-priced hotels, too.

5 months ago

U.S. Airlines Are Replacing Old Planes With Second-Hand Jets

Buying used gives airlines an edge with aircraft makers looking for higher prices on new jets, too. And since airlines finally have some cash in the bank to play around with they have a greater freedom to make deals that are right for them.

5 months ago

Environmental Groups Sue the EPA for Not Enforcing Limits on Aircraft Pollution

This is a first step in combatting the negative environmental impact of airline greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, a global standard for emissions needs to be put in place and, hopefully, the new IATA CEO will be able to help get one established.

6 months ago

Airline Fares Down Just $2 Despite Cheap Fuel

Airlines are pocketing the profits from cheap fuel without reducing fares because demand remains high at current fare levels.

1 year ago

Southwest CEO on Downside of Oil Price Drops

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly love the falling prices of jet fuel but worries that a collapse of oil prices would lead to economic instability.

2 years ago

U.S. Airlines’ Earnings Expected to Jump to $19 Billion in 2015

Decreased fuel costs and increased consumer confidence are leading to record profits, but airlines still show no signs of adjusting strategies to improve consumer satisfaction as a result.

2 years ago

Commercial Airfares Won’t Drop Despite Lower Fuel Costs for Airlines

As long as passengers continue to pack onto flights and pay baggage fees, there's no incentive for carriers to shift fares based on oil costs.

2 years ago

Southwest Airlines Profit Rises 27 Percent on Lower Fuel Prices

One of the things airlines can't do much about -- fuel costs -- is trending in a favorable direction, and improving profits. Southwest, though, has done more than most about fuel costs as it purchased its own refinery.

2 years ago

American Airlines Gets Sued Over Jet Fuel Sales Tax

Is American Airlines Group guilty of illegal sales tax practices or is this a smart accounting move? The courts are going to decide this one.

3 years ago

United Is Obsessed With the Winglets That Save It $200 Million a Year

Airlines' excitement over winglets proves that the way to get carriers to adopt environmentally safer practices and products is to make sure it also boosts their bottom line.

3 years ago

Delta Beats Fuel Forecast and Airline Stocks Rise

Of Delta, American, United and Southwest, Delta is the only one to have its merger, in this case with Northwest, in the rearview mirror. Delta's unit revenue is laudable, and it owns a refinery, which so far is working out nicely.

3 years ago