Updated: 21 Travel Media Brands That Lead on Social Media

Talking to users should be easy for travel media brands, but a few have managed to dominate the conversation (like LP and Travel Channel) while others surprise despite their size (like Fathom).

Frommer’s Turns to Danish Metasearch Site to Help Revamp Frommers.com

This is the first step forward the Frommer's team has taken online since grabbing the rights to the name and series back from Google earlier this year. There are many more to go.

Frommer’s Guidebooks Bets Its Return on Low Prices, Smaller Books

During the 14 months that the Frommer's books were in limbo the other guidebook publishers in the U.S. watched as each one grabbed a bit of Frommer's sales -- Moon took Central and South America, Fodor's nabbed Europe. Getting these readers back will be Frommer's biggest challenge

How Arthur Frommer Is Trying To Reinvent The Guidebook, Again

We are very skeptical on their chances of reinventing the packaged guidebook again, but more power to them for trying.

Skift Q&A: The Guidebook Company That’s Survived by Ignoring Everyone

Moon doesn't have the name recognition of some of the other travel brands, but it's managed to avoid they pitfalls that's taken them down. Newlin's experience demonstrates the value of bucking traditional wisdom.

The 12 Milestone Travel News Stories in Skift’s First Year

Tourism expanded globally, airlines and rental car companies faced consolidation, guidebook brands were sold off, and travel tech got better: We don't expect these major stories to disappear in the next year and plan on covering where they lead us just as carefully.

Disgruntled Zagat staff say employees are no longer in love with Google

The unmentioned part of the BI story is that Google quickly felt buyer's remorse over Zagat purchase, especially after the Frommer's deal happened. Google paid a fraction of the cost for the latter and got much more content, too.

The guidebook industry is suffering, but it’s not dead yet

This is an industry in flux, in which some traditional players will disappear, some will get stronger, and new and innovative voices will emerge.

Turns out Google didn’t sell social followers back to Arthur Frommer

Interesting conundrum in this social media age: do you value the social accounts separately in an M&A/sale valuation? Are accounts and its followers separate, and that means can be decoupled and sold?