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Hilton’s Extended Stay Brands Want to Teach Men How to Be Better Travel Planners

This seems like an interesting and contrarian approach. But the big question is: Will men actually respond to this digital marketing campaign?

4 months ago

The Sharing Economy Has Yet to Catch on in Extended Stay Business Travel

About half of business travelers say their company's travel policy doesn't address extended stay lodging, leading them to book on their own.

5 months ago

On-Demand Meets Extended Stay in Homewood Suites’ New Meal Pilot Program

It only makes sense that extended stay properties with full kitchens would catch on to this growing food trend. The challenge is getting it from the cities where it flourishes to the exurbs where extended stay properties are more popular.

8 months ago

What Hotels Say About Airbnb on Their Earnings Calls

Airbnb: potential distribution partner or industry threat? Some hotel companies and booking sites say neither, while others are keeping a watchful eye on both the positive and negative effects Airbnb may create.

12 months ago

Extended Stay America Beats Analysts’ Expecations

12 months ago

Residence Inn Wants to Make Millennial Business Travelers Less Lonely

By emphasizing the social aspect of the traditional evening social hour through experiential F&B programming and room design, The Mix is helping stave off those Tuesday night road warrior blues.

1 year ago

Starwood Ramps up Build of Element Hotels Extended-Stay Brand

The need to meet LEED certification for every Element Hotel has slowed the development pipeline, but will it pay off in the future as more consumers demand greener accommodations?

2 years ago

Interview: AKA CEO on Service at Luxury Extended-Stay Properties

Designing a guest experience for a two months stay is wildly different from a two-night stay and strikes a balance between facilitating a routine and a connection to new experiences in the city.

2 years ago

How Extended Stay Properties Struggle for Consumer Awareness

Because the demand for extended-stay hotels has increased, operators and developers are innovating and expanding their product offerings and locations in order to meet the needs of their flourishing customer base.

2 years ago

Exporting the Extended-Stay Hotel Model Around the World

The success of the sharing economy demonstrates that there is a market for hotel brands that cater to travelers who need to spend a longer time in a destination but demand fewer frills.

2 years ago

Why Cities Are the New Frontier for Extended-Stay Hotels

The challenge isn't the need or desire for extended-stay properties in cities, it's overcoming the challenge of space in places like New York.

2 years ago

New Free Report: The Changing Business of Extended-Stay Hotels

The extended-stay segment might be considered a unique animal, but its performance begs to be considered the king of the jungle. Understand why and understand who the leaders are who are driving the trends.

2 years ago