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Despite the Brexit Vote and Decreasing Profits, the Chunnel Will Likely Remain in Operation

Here's hoping the Channel Tunnel will remain open, despite the Brexit vote and despite its recent financial struggles.

4 months ago

Britons Abroad Question Financial and Political Future After Brexit Vote

From tourist to expat and then to the unknown status — the Brexit is just complicating everything now.

4 months ago

The UK’s Plan to Strengthen its Borders Is 8 Years Late and Over Budget

If you take the phrase 'detailed and evolving' in context with the story, below, you'll understand why challenged political leaders make the worst decisions when it comes to deciding tourism rules.

8 months ago

British Business Leaders Urge Prime Minister to Act on Heathrow Expansion

Countries like Britain (and Germany and the U.S.) that were first movers in aviation need new comprehensive roadmaps that better position them for the next generation of flying. Right now they're just running from one crisis to the next.

12 months ago

The UK Grants Free-Spending Chinese Tourists Easier Visas

We'd like to see a destination come up with the post-Chinese shopper tourism plan.

1 year ago

England’s Missed Opportunity Marketing Football Tourism to American Fans

With NBCSports' investment in broadcast rights for the Premier League, and Fox Sports' rights investment for the German Bundesliga, the growth of football fandom in the U.S. will only grow and create additional opportunities for tourism.

1 year ago

Skift Global Forum 2015: How VisitBritain Markets a Mature Brand to a New Audience

VisitBritain is gung-ho on developing and curating travel content to promote lesser known destinations in England, Scotland and Wales, while at the same time expanding the travel conversation among visitors with each other.

1 year ago

Visit Florida Kicks Off Its First Soccer Sponsorship With London’s Oldest Team

Visit Florida's sponsorships are trying a new platform, a London soccer club, and that's a testament to the importance of British tourism to the Sunshine State.

1 year ago

Britain Sends Officers to Spanish Resorts to Police Unruly Tourists

Perhaps the English were sick of seeing the Chinese get so much attention for misbehaving abroad.

1 year ago

New Data Deck: State of Travel 2015, Europe

From overarching trends to the ever-increasing impact of mobile and online technology — and offering a deep look at what’s happening in every critical travel vertical — this is the state of the travel industry in Europe in 2015.

2 years ago

Movie Tourism: The Imitation Game Turns Bletchley Park Into an Attraction

Nothing like some Hollywood glitz to turn a wartime office space for scientists into something people will queue for.

2 years ago

Eurotunnel Bounces Back Quickly After Channel Tunnel Fire

The speed with which the line was up and running again is remarkable.

2 years ago