Emirates Plane Crash Closes Dubai Airport, All Passengers and Crew Safe

Given how bad the pictures look, it's amazing everyone survived the incident. It's also surprising that this was Emirates worst accident in its 30-year history.

Jumbo Jets Facing Demise With Stretched-Out Boeing 777

With oil prices at relatively depressed levels, Airbus will do its best to ensure that jumbo jets hang in there but over the long term more fuel-efficient aircraft should rule the day for sustainability's sake.

U.S. Airlines Set to Lose Major Battle Against Gulf Carriers in Open Skies Debate

Delta, United, and American wanted the U.S. State Department to take unprecedented action against Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. But the government didn't opt for a brash approach. This may well be the beginning of the end of the complaints.

The World’s Latest Longest Scheduled Flight Is Getting a Bigger Plane

The Gulf region continues its growth as the world's most well-placed airport hub.

The EU Pushes Back Against Gulf Carrier Subsidies

Now it's Europe's turn to bang the drum against unfair competition by the Persian Gulf carriers.

Emirates Profit Rises 50% on Fuel Windfall, Long-Haul Routes

Emirates Airlines is continuing to show healthy profits because Dubai's airport infrastructure growth is rerouting the skies over Europe and Asia.

To Attract More Premium Passengers, Asian and Middle East Airlines Raise the Bar on In-Flight Meals

Gourmet meals for first-class and business-class flyers are nothing new, but these airlines are taking their offerings to new heights in an effort to win over hungry, big-spending, and food-minded flyers.

Flybe CEO on Joint Ventures: No Thanks

Flybe wants to keep it simple: No joint ventures wanted, just good, old-fashioned, passenger-boosting codeshares. Management at the European regional carrier have a bitter taste in their mouths after a joint venture gone awry with Finnair.

World’s Busiest International Airport Will Now Charge a Departure Fee

Now that Dubai International Airport is a global travel hub, flyers will pay the price of future renovation.

Emirates Presses Pause on Panama Hub Plan Until More Agreements in Place

Fitting that the country which connecting the world via its canal may now connect Latin America with some of the world's fastest growing markets by air.