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Report: North American Vacationers Are Still Renting Cars in Europe

So far, it looks like safety and security concerns won't deter North American travelers from renting cars in Europe this summer. This could change once Q2 bookings data are released, though.

6 months ago

Avis Budget CEO Maps Vision for Challenging Uber and Lyft

Getting mobile self-service rentals to market quickly is clearly in the best interest of Avis Budget as business travelers prefer the swiftness of mobile as the company saw weakness with its commercial rentals during the fourth quarter.

8 months ago

Opinion: Better Understanding Uber’s Big Potential

It's wise to remember that some of those talking up Uber's potential have a vested interest in the company's success.

9 months ago

4 Charts Showing Car Rental Companies’ Growth in 2015

Rental car companies saw improvements in revenue and fleet sizes during 2015 and probably feel optimistic about the U.S. economy's continued recovery and increased American travel projected for this year. But they should hold off on celebrating until they demonstrate how they'll make renting cars easier and more mobile friendly in a world where Uber is a frequent alternative to rentals.

10 months ago

Hertz Doubles Cost-Saving Target as Additional Financial Errors Emerge

As Hertz’s financial errors pile up, it’s become difficult for Hertz to be held accountable for its past or future putting the company in a stagnant position as it stabilizes and resolves its reporting woes.

2 years ago

Expedia Acquires European Car-Rental Site Auto Escape Group

The merger and acquisition frenzy in the travel industry continues apace, and Expedia's acquisition of the Auto Escape Group will enhance Expedia's global competition with the Priceline Group.

2 years ago

5 Most Expensive U.S. Cities for Car Rentals

Car rentals are having a good year as air travel and rental demand increase; therefore, it is likely that these rates will continue to rise as travel rebounds.

2 years ago

Car Rental Companies Discover Surprisingly High Demand for Luxury Vehicles

Car rental companies expect the jump in demand has less to do with the rebounding economy and more to do with the companies realizing the unmet demand for luxury rides.

3 years ago

Five Travel Startups That Target Business Travelers

3 years ago

The Bumps Along the Road for One Car-Sharing Startup in Hawaii

The cost of diving into the rental car market is so high that most startups focus instead on using technology to connect users with existing inventory rather than creating a truly new product.

3 years ago

Car Rental Companies Delay Electric Car Rollout Due to Low Customer Demand

Although demand has been lower than expected, rental cars will continue to integrate electric cars into their fleet. The rental market is seen as a critical step in wider EV adoption as it gives consumers a chance to test several models before purchase.

3 years ago

The 20 Most Expensive U.S. Cities for Summer Car Rentals

There are a number of startups aiming to make car rentals cheaper and the pick-up process more sophisticated. Rates remain high among traditional players, but there remains a degree of credibility that few startups can beat.

3 years ago