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Hacker hostels in Silicon Valley offer short- and long-term stays for future startup stars

Techies who want to take the idea of a shared workspace one step further can apply for the $40 per night stay through Airbnb, although some hostels have become more underground to avoid trouble from landlords.


Why off-reservation casinos are a bad idea for California

What is and isn't an Indian casino in the U.S. is so much about local politics and creative boundaries that a battle like this amounts to not much more than closing the gate after the horses have escaped.

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The surprising utility of old-school maps when your GPS goes awry

When Google Maps or GPS directs you on road that hasn’t been used since horse-and-buggies, the best idea may be to lift your eyes from the screen, consult an old-fashion map, or take in some clues from your surroundings.


California approves funding to build the U.S.’s first bullet train

Despite the promise of needed high-speed service in one of the U.S.'s most progressive state, even long-time pro-rail advocates are stepping away from supporting the current plan.


California legislators to vote on Jerry Brown’s high-speed rail plan

High-speed rail in the U.S. does make sense. Outside of the Northeast Corridor, the next best option is California -- if only they can cut through politics.