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Airbnb Finds Sweet Spot in Lisbon After Berlin and Barcelona Struggles

Not every major European city is resisting the spread of Airbnb.

5 months ago

Mobile World Congress Is the Week of Barcelona Hoteliers’ Dreams

We like Barcelona's well-stated position that it doesn't want to become the next Venice. And we also like seeing this doesn't hurt it when it comes to big conferences either.

8 months ago

Barcelona’s Mayor Focuses on Tourism’s Contribution to Inequality

Tourism never exists inside a vacuum, and Barcelona is an excellent lens through which the intersection of globalism, tourism, and the international economy can be seen.

1 year ago

Airbnb Remains Symbol of Barcelona’s Growing Unease With Tourism

We get kind of sick of pointing out that smart tourism development is a good idea and that all players — even tech players that like to think they're just a force for moral good — need to participate in order to come up with the best solutions.

1 year ago

The Trouble With Tourists From Berlin to Hong Kong

Locals really, really don't want tourists to live like a local. They just want them to let locals live their lives without tacky shops and sky-high housing costs geared toward by people living on big vacation budgets.

1 year ago

Spain’s Tourism Minister Says Barcelona Doesn’t Have a Tourist Problem

While a ban isn't practical, smarter planning is. As we've said before: only a fool wants another Venice.

1 year ago

Barcelona Blocks Further Tourist Accommodation Licenses

A sustainable tourism plan sounds like a great idea.

1 year ago

Barcelona’s Mayor Has Had It With All the Tourists

Nobody wants to see another Venice happen. Quality of life for residents should always trump quality of visit for tourists.

1 year ago

Interview: Catalan Tourism CEO on Marketing an International Hub

Barcelona's reputation as both a Spanish and international destination is part of what makes it the region's greatest draw, which also translates into visits up and down Catalonia's Mediterranean coast.

2 years ago

Spanish Airports Are Testing Travelers to See if They’re Happy

It's a simple way to gauge how your customers are feeling, but it needs more insight into why they are feeling this way.

2 years ago

Catalonia Issues Fines to Airbnb and Other Short-Term Rental Sites

Airbnb figured out a way to work with one-time adversary Amsterdam. Could it pull off a similar feat in Barcelona?

2 years ago

Barcelona Has Identified New Kind of Tourist Problem: Too Many of Them

Barcelona needs to find a better balance between quality of life for residents and a nice environment for visitors. It doesn't want to become another decrepit, soulless tourist theme park like Venice, Italy.

2 years ago