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American Airlines’ pilots union faces legal setback on contract issue

The beleaguered airline sees a rare win as it fights to keep the pilots' union from gaining ground during its bankruptcy process.


American really needs to start talking to US Airways, say analysts

American Airlines is very happy to be independent, but the most realistic way out its bankruptcy mess, say experts, is answering the courtship call of US Airways. But holding out will make it much more interesting.


American Airlines and creditors will talk with US Airways

The embattled AMR inches ever closer to formal talks with rival/suitor US Airways.


AA already owes almost $60 million in bankruptcy-related fees and expenses

Consultants and lawyers are seeing a fee and expenses bonanza of almost $400,000 a day as American enters another month of bankruptcy.


Greece can bring visitors back with a little rebranding

A simple rebranding project may be too much to expect of a country that seems structurally unable to deal with its endemic labor and tax issues.


How American Airlines and a union may save over 2,000 jobs

Revised contract terms could prevent the Transport Workers Union from seeing 10% of their American Airlines employees being shown the door.


Opinion: Why don’t frequent fliers have a seat at American Airlines’ bankruptcy table?

Because of its market-leading AAdvantage miles program, American has a solid base of committed customers. For everyone's benefit they need to be given a seat at the negotiating table.


US Airways talks savings with American Airlines


Embraer feels the pinch from American Airlines’ money problems


Kingfisher may lose its license if it can’t right its ship and meet safety standards