Pointing Fingers in the $3.5 Billion Failure of Baha Mar Resort

Baha Mar is an example of what not to do in tourism development: One big, expensive project that will deliver lofty returns.

Estonia’s National Airline Is Officially Bankrupt

While the bankruptcy is clearly a dodge to avoid paying the EU fines, it's a sign that the competition rules in Europe are off kilter.

Baha Mar’s Founder Offers Additional Investment to Stave Off Liquidation

The rise and fall of the Baha Mar development is a cautionary tale in progress.

Bahamas Rules That Baha Mar’s U.S. Bankruptcy Doesn’t Matter

We like seeing the Bahamas stand up for itself here, even if we have doubts about it's motives.

A Japanese Budget Airline Is Bankrupt, But Its Tokyo Airport Slots Are Golden

Expect rivals to be aggressive and merciless -- everyone wants a shot at those Haneda slots.

Caesars Is in Bankruptcy, But It’s Still Business as Usual for the Gaming Giant

Atlantic City's collapse, Las Vegas' hype-competition, and fallout in Macau from the crackdown on corruption add up to a very bad time to be Caesar's.

American Airlines Is 99% Finished With Settling Bankruptcy Claims

True, another $2.7 billion isn't chump change, but the merger of American and US Airways is so far turning out as a test case for how to do a mega merger right.

Behind the Bid to Take Troubled Malaysia Airlines Private

There is little precedent for what Malaysia is trying to do, but it may be its only choice.

American Air’s Bankruptcy Specialists Will Walk Away With Nearly $400 Million

Quite a nice haul to perk up a company that Doug Parker already knew he wanted to buy before things went south.

Want to Buy an Airline Brand? Kingfisher Is up for Sale, Minus the Planes

OK, so it's not Pan Am. Or even Eastern. And there are complications with the beer of the same name. On second thought ...