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TripAdvisor Stops Booking Activities With Captive Animals and Endangered Species

We expect there will be a lot of appeals — and that tourists who really want to swim with dolphins will just book that experience in another way. But TripAdvisor is trying to address a big issue, evolving issue in a measured, thoughtful way.

1 week ago

Puerto Rico Mayor Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages in Capital

The reaction is San Juan should be carefully watched by regulators in New York City who have yet to fulfill their promise of banning similar horse-drawn carriage in Central Park.

2 years ago

NYC Mayor De Blasio Silent on Progress of Horse-Carriage Ban

De Blasio's silence is confirmation that he took up the contested issue as political tenet for the campaign. It's also a win for the city's tourism industry, of which the carriages are a large and visual part.

2 years ago

Service Dogs on Airplanes to Get More Scrutiny From Department of Transportation

Passengers playing fast and loose with the rules in order to stay close to their pets and save a little money, too, further degrade the already degraded flying experience.

2 years ago

The Cruel Truth Behind Tourists’ Elephant Rides in Thailand

It will be difficult to quell demand for the popular elephant rides so activists' time would be better spent pushing for regulations that make it difficult for operators to run a business built on animal cruelty.

2 years ago

Teamsters Mobilize Against New York’s Horse-Carriage Ban

Interestingly, opponents of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposed horse-drawn carriage ban point out that the horses get a guaranteed five-week vacation on a farm every year. Americans would sign up for that on the spot.

2 years ago

The Blackfish Controversy Makes Waves at National Aquarium

How big will the ripple effect be? And will it change how destinations promote animal attractions?

2 years ago

STA Travel Stops Animal Tours Pending Further Review

STA's decision to turn to PETA for help identifying unethical operations has already led to a larger PETA campaign urging all tour operators to remove certain animal activities from their itineraries.

2 years ago

70% of Dog Owners Say Pets Impact Their Travel Plans

In addition to there being opportunities at the pet sitting level, hotels and tour companies are also seeing revenue possibilities for people who bring their pets along for the ride.

2 years ago

Ivory Coast Eco-Tourism Projects Hoped to Help Protect Local Chimpanzees

Tourism is a powerful economic tool that can be used to boost an area's economy, further conservationist movements and protect cultures. This is a great example of the industry's power when it comes to animal and environmental causes.

2 years ago

Vegas Officials on the Verge of Approving Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

The decision to again allow horse-drawn carriage rides in Vegas comes right as New York City's new mayor considers banning them, stirring up hot button topics for tourism and animal rights organizations in both cities.

3 years ago

Animal Rights Activists Attack Richard Branson for Virgin’s SeaWorld Vacation Packages

SeaWorld would love the 'Blackfish' furor to die down, but that doesn't appear likely any time soon. We await Sir Richard's backpedaling.

3 years ago