New Trends Report: Mobile App Strategies of Consumer Travel Brands

An in-depth look at how companies in the travel and hospitality industries can leverage mobile applications to better serve their customers and grow their businesses

Google Maps Goes Offline With New Features

Google remains light years ahead of the competition when it comes to mapping.

Why Apple’s Beating Android in Consumer Travel Wearables

From technology that lets guests unlock their rooms to boarding passes displayed on your wrist, wearables are becoming an important part of the traveler’s journey.

Putting Content Marketing First on Pullman Hotels’ App

The future of hotel marketing revolves around the creation of content, event and social media ecosystems designed and managed to better engage the next-generation consumer throughout the research phase and travel journey.

Miami International Airport Makes Commitment to Beacon Technology

Anything that gets tourists to beaches faster should be good. We expect Mojito or Caipirinha finder apps will soon follow.

Flight Tracking App Downloads Increase After Malaysia Airlines Accidents

Flight-tracking apps are being downloaded by family members and friends who are concerned about the welfare of loved ones and want to track the progress of their flights in real time.

Uber, Lyft and Airbnb Are Winning the App Download Battle

Uber and Lyft have the advantage that they are travel apps that, like Google Maps, many people use every day. More travel apps should find a way to be relevant more often.

Japan Airlines to Track Gate Agents With Smart Watches and iBeacons

Smart of JAL to use the technology to better position staff and communicate. As wearable tech goes, watches are less creepy than face computers like Google Glass.

The Top 14 Travel Stats to Start Your New Week

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Lufthansa’s In-Flight Entertainment App Just Hit One Million Downloads

Anything that makes BYO easier, as well as build loyalty among existing customers will pay off in the long run.