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Winners and Losers of Summer Travel 2016

In other words: Summer is over. But it had some bright spots.

2 months ago

Amtrak’s New CEO Is a Freight Rail Veteran

As Amtrak works hard to redefine itself as a leisure travel option, it knows that working with the freight train companies it shares the rails with will be a crucial undertaking in that transformation.

2 months ago

Skift CMO Interviews: Amtrak’s CMO on Selling Train Travel in Car Country

Amtrak is looking to redefine itself into a solid leisure travel option for American travelers looking to experience the country in a different way.

7 months ago

Amtrak Turns to Private Money to Help Fund New York Tunnel

That the U.S.'s most important rail connection has to deal with these funding issues is a testament to idiotic transportation policy at the federal and state levels.

11 months ago

Amtrak Launches Its First New Brand Campaign in 15 Years

Amtrak is collecting content from both professional "Amtrak Residency" writers and its customers to create a large enough inventory of stories and visuals to show the scale of the rail line's national network.

1 year ago

Amtrak Starts Charging Fees for Excess Baggage

Amtrak, thankfully, says it's not trying to generate revenue by charging fees to passengers exceeding its already generous baggage allowances.

1 year ago

New York’s Governor Waits on the U.S. Government to Save the Northeast Corridor

Consumers have spoken: They want better rail connections in the Northeast Corridor, the nation's busiest region. But what we have here is a complete failure of leadership.

1 year ago

U.S.’s Most Used Rail Line to Suffer for Years, Even if Money for Tunnel Found

Throw New Jersey politics into the mix with anything and any hope or promise is surely doomed.

1 year ago

Officials Investigating Airline Price Gouging After Fatal Amtrak Crash

"Yield management" can help airlines turn tragedy into profits.

1 year ago

U.S. Senate Leader Pushing Bill to Weaken Rental Car and Rail Safety

The appearance of safety and progress as opposed to the real thing? Probably not the best idea.

1 year ago

Why High-Speed Rail Has Been a Nonstarter in the U.S.

The scale of the U.S. isn't really the reason there is no high-speed rail. Last time we looked, China is a big country, too.

1 year ago

Amtrak Crash Investigators Are Focusing on Human Error

Let's focus on the safety systems to prevent crashes rather than a video to see who's to blame. Because we've had C-Span for years, and that hasn't kept Amtrak from being dangerously underfunded.

1 year ago