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Alaskan Village Wages Reverse Tourism Campaign to Keep Visitors Away

Modern travelers want authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences. But this story reminds us that those experiences can come at a cost to the local community.

1 week ago

Sitka, Alaska Is Banking on More Cruise Ships in 2017

It's great to see economic impact measured in bagels and bacon rather than T-shirts and bad jewelry.

4 weeks ago

Passenger Satisfaction With U.S. Airlines Hits a 10-Year High

Now that the major U.S. airlines are profitable again, more travelers are reporting higher satisfaction with their flights.

5 months ago

JetBlue and Alaska Air Make Bids To Acquire Virgin America

It looks like the airline consolidation trend is trickling down beyond the legacy carriers to the next tier. Virgin America is in play, and JetBlue and Alaska are vying to win the game. Additional suitors may emerge before this is over.

7 months ago

The New Electric Tourist Buses in Alaska That Won’t Help Melt Its Glaciers

It may be more expensive, but more environmentally friendly services help ensure that the sites people are coming to see will still be there for generations to come.

1 year ago

China Airlines’ Direct Flights Will Fly Tourists to View the Aurora in Alaska

Direct flights are a destination's lifeblood and so Explore Fairbanks hopes to build on these China Air flights from Tapei bringing planeloads of tourists to view the aurora.

1 year ago

The Rebranding of the U.S.’s Highest Mountain

Politicians have always had naming rights for highways, airports, rivers and mountains. The 25th U.S. president, William McKinley, never had a real connection to the country's tallest mountain and today the peak's name gets a little more Alaskan and authentic. It is a thing of beauty, either way.

1 year ago

These Cruise Ships Got Caught Polluting in Alaska

Despite claims that new technology has decreased the pollution caused by cruise ships, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line continue to get busted for violating the law. Will cruise ships really ever go green?

1 year ago

Holland America Deals With Communications Challenge Following Fatal Crash

Communication is difficult when you're trying to inform families of victims while at the same time telling 2,000 people's families that they are OK.

1 year ago

8 Holland America Cruise Passengers Killed in Alaska Tour Plane Crash

1 year ago

6 Great Quotes From Airline Execs on Competing in the Skies

The way United's Rainey talks about unbundling and rebundling products for maximum revenue it seems like an exercise in razzmatazz rather than giving customers something of enhanced value.

1 year ago

Alaska Town Rethinks Cruise Ships’ Impact on Quality of Life

Tough economic times have made Yakutat officials more receptive to welcoming cruisers, who increasingly are looking to capture a slice of local life in addition to their selfies.

1 year ago