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After Years of Delays, UK Government Gives Go-Ahead For Heathrow Expansion… Again

The UK government's backing of Heathrow over Gatwick is only the first step. The same thing happened in 2003 and 2007. The airline industry should expect years of squabbling and judicial reviews to further hold up the process of building a new runway in the south east of England.

1 day ago

United Flight Attendants’ Contract Could Help the Airline Advance — Skift Business Traveler

The new flight attendants' contract at United, coupled with other steps CEO Oscar Munoz is taking, could finally enable United to make up some serious ground against its competitors.

2 months ago

London Mayor Talks Up Gatwick Airport Expansion in Wake of Brexit

The UK government still seems no closer to deciding where to build a new runway. How much longer can it keep delaying the choice?

3 months ago

Chicago O’Hare Airport Gets a Badly Needed Upgrade — Skift Business Traveler

The planning for the expansion of the international terminal at Chicago O'Hare isn't slated to be completed before 2017 but at least change is under way.

3 months ago

Istanbul’s International Airport Shut as Possible Coup in Turkey Under Way

3 months ago

Small U.S. Airports Struggle to Attract New Service From Any Airline

Many small and medium sized airports are desperate for new flights. But big airlines tend to be skeptical, and rightly so. They sometimes struggle when adding new routes from smaller markets.

4 months ago

Are Airport Attacks Preventable? Not Always, Security Experts Say

Some travelers have unrealistic expectations about airport security. With so many people coming or going at airports worldwide, security forces may not be able to stop every attack.

4 months ago


Reinventing the Modern Airport Experience

With lengthy queues, redundant processes, and a lack of personalization, it's no surprise customers have no love for modern airports. It's time for airports to reexamine their approach to customer experience and start creating the airport of the future.

6 months ago

U.S. Airport Lines Grow as TSA and Congress Blame Each Other

Maybe the people in charge can stop pointing fingers and start finding solutions. The rest of us will be waiting.

6 months ago


The Customer-First Approach to Creating the Airport of the Future

Airports are starting to pay closer attention to customer experience, designing intelligent environments that are more connected, immersive and multi-sensory than ever before.

7 months ago

10 Air Travel Advances That Will Make Flying Better in 2016

Looking back on a year’s worth of news in aviation paints a picture of an industry that is eager to innovate for the future. Now that airlines are more profitable, they can afford to be more ambitious with their passenger experience improvement programs. Let’s hope the industry continues rising, and moving closer to a better future of flight in 2016 and beyond.

11 months ago

Consolidation in Seamless Travel World as SITA Buys Bag Drop Tech

Baggage drop systems complement today's self-serve travel process. Passengers increasingly using early check-in via the airline app, or avoiding the queue at the check-in desk. But having your electronic boarding pass ready on your smartphone when you get to the terminal loses its convenience if you have to wait in line for the check-in desk, just to drop off your bag.

11 months ago