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Animal Planet Builds Travel Series Around Adventure GoPro Shots

Animal Planet's new series takes notes from popular online content, which largely consists of adventurers and athletes taking their own videos and sharing them with the world resulting in more relaxed, authentic content that viewers seek and connect with.

1 year ago

Interview: Abercrombie & Kent CEO on the Roots of Experiential Travel

Abercrombie & Kent may have been one of the first companies to capitalize on experiential travel but it has since become a mainstream phenomenon sought after by travelers of all spend levels. Companies across all sectors can learn from Abercrombie & Kent's decades-long success.

2 years ago

Skift Global Forum: Adventure Travel Pioneer Darrell Wade on Travelers’ Local Obsesssion

Brands are jumping on the experiential travel trend, but their marketing messages are empty without on-the-ground research needed to deliver a truly authentic, one-of-a-kind experience.

2 years ago

Ziplines and Farms are Fertile Ground for Adventure Travel

Ziplines are a growing activity for travelers who want to get out there and experience the natural wonders of the destination, whether it is a national park or a decades-old farm in Hawaii.

2 years ago

Who’s to Say What Is Truly Authentic Travel?

Deeper, authentic travel is whatever the consumer demands, and brands need to understand consumers' needs using data. Get the report to get deeper insights.

2 years ago

Free Skift Report: The Rise of Experiential Travel

The most forward-thinking travel brands are delivering these types of experiences by focusing on three things above all else: inspiration, personalization and a path toward self-discovery. Are you one of them? Understand the trend, download this free report.

2 years ago

VooDoo Zip Line Opens in Las Vegas With Views of the Strip

Hey, this is adventure travel via a zip line at a Las Vegas hotel and casino. Travelers can get a break from gambling in the casino and take their chances on the zip line.

2 years ago

Zip Line Tourism on Upward Trajectory in North America

Adventure travel is big, and zip line courses offer a very different and active way to see the sites above the teeming masses. And, can you believe it? There is already a standards organization for zip lines, showing they have truly arrived.

2 years ago

Everest Climbing Season Unofficially Cancelled in Nepal After Sherpas’ Deaths

The avalanche highlighted the disproportionate risk that Sherpas takes in helping tourists scale the mountain and many hope the incident and subsequent boycott will lead to improved working conditions and pay for the guides.

2 years ago

Everest Avalanche Highlights the Risks Sherpa Guides Take for Their Livelihood

Although the avalanche could have easily occurred amid foreign climbers, the Sherpas' income and risk level relative to what foreigners pay for the experience is an imbalance that persists throughout the global tourism economy.

2 years ago

North Korea in Sprint to Attract Tourism as Visitors from 27 Countries Participate in Marathon

North Korea is desperate to attract tourists and the marathon is seen as a gateway, although runners were instructed to leave their U.S. and Japanese flags at home. This slight opening up to the world is highly regimented.

2 years ago

Tennessee Communities With Adventure Tourism Now Qualify for Tax Credit

The official certification and tax credit may incentivize communities to broaden their tourism offerings thereby creating more jobs and potential revenue streams.

3 years ago