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UK Tour Operator and Airline Monarch Given a Lifeline by Regulators

Monarch’s history of financial struggles means that this isn’t likely to be the end of the saga. The company is talking about new investment but until this goes through, questions will continue to be asked about the company’s future.

9 hours ago

Travel Brands Are Failing to Capture Customers’ Imagination, Says Wolff Olins CEO

There's not enough rich storytelling in the travel industry, says Wolff Olins CEO Ije Nwokorie. We tend to agree.

13 hours ago

A Data Dip Into the Alternative Accommodations Landscape

While regulation is catching up with the alternative accommodations scene, the sector itself is still booming thanks to its social and tech-savvy consumers.

14 hours ago

United May Delay Plans to Introduce a Basic Economy Fare

Given how many changes United has made at the top recently, it makes sense that airline may want to delay this new fare class. The new executive team probably wants to get it right.

17 hours ago

JetBlue and Alaska Fight Over Rights to Fly to Havana

JetBlue is surprisingly feisty in this filing, considering airlines ask for and receive extensions all the time. But Alaska is a major competitor of JetBlue's, so maybe that explains it.

1 day ago

Facebook Doesn’t Want to Be Middleman Between Travel Brands And Consumers

Right now travelers are turning to social networks like Facebook to see their friends' trip photos and get their recommendations more than they're demanding hotel and flight booking ability through its mobile app. But will Facebook become a bigger middleman in the future than it already is? We have our money on yes.

2 days ago

SXSW and Bonnaroo and the Data Behind Big Events

Events with cult followings like SXSW and Bonnaroo may seem magical, but they're built on data.

2 days ago

This Is What Hotels Can Learn From Airbnb — and Vice Versa

Given the popularity of alternative accommodations providers like Airbnb, should the hospitality industry rethink its definitions of hospitality and service? What can hotels learn from Airbnb about delivering hospitality and, by contrast, what is Airbnb learning from hotels? Here’s what Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy Chip Conley had to say about hospitality’s continuous evolution.

2 days ago

TripAdvisor CEO Kaufer Defiantly Vows to Stay Committed to Instant Booking

Two headlines here: TripAdvisor CEO remains adamantly committed to Instant Booking -- and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's still excited about his gig.

2 days ago

Kayak Co-Founder Paul English Plans to Open Up Lola App to Travel Agents Worldwide

In a funny twist of fate, the man who helped drive consumers away from traditional travel agents with Kayak is now building a business around them. By combining the convenience of an app with the human touch, English and company are hoping to hit a sweet spot.

3 days ago

SilverRail Technologies CEO Says Travel Needs Seamless Booking Tools

The state of travel bookings is already complex and it's only going to get worse, says SilverRail CEO Aaron Gowell. To keep up, the industry needs a more comprehensive booking system.

3 days ago

Club Med Targeting Affluent Millennial Families in Bid to Redefine Its Brand

Theoretically, this isn't your grandparents' Club Med. Affluent millennial parents and their kids are now part of the demographic -- or at least they are increasingly the target demographic.

3 days ago