Partnership Policies at Skift, aka, How To Think of Us

Skift Team

We have a very strict separation between our editorial and business sides.

When contacting us, think about what capacity you are reaching out to us on, and then use the Contact page to find the email address of the right person to speak to.


  • Skift provides industry marketing (through sponsorships, branded content, etc.), subscription reports and custom research to travel brands through our platform.
  • We don’t do non-revenue partnerships, with one exception.
  • The only non-revenue partnership we do is email newsletter co-registration deals, helping build each other’s email subscribers.
  • We don’t become media partners of other industry conferences/events and we don’t accept advertising promoting these conferences either.
  • On advertising, we don’t sell banners or boxes, we work with travel brands to create thought leadership, branded content or custom content marketing programs.
  • On custom research, we don’t work in a strategy consultant capacity. Rather, we provide research and insights that helps guide clients’ own strategies.

Partnering with us on the business side means working with Skift in one of these above capacities.


  • We create our own original stories and usually stay away from the press release-driven story cycle. So reach out to our editors with enough understanding of our editorial voice and brand.
  • We don’t do exploratory “please gives us feedback on our new startup idea/app” meetings.
  • We don’t accept third-party guest articles.
  • When approaching us about story ideas, keep in mind that we usually write about trends, innovations, and news that directly touch travel consumers, rather than stories about vendors partnering with vendors.


  • Our founders and other editorial leaders speak at selected industry conferences (run by travel media or neutral/non-profit organizations) and are not compensated for it, except for associated travel costs.
  • We do speak at certain industry association/corporate/single-company events, but there is a standard speaking fee attached.
  • We conduct private presentations and/or workshops for corporates for a fee, email us at

Skift Global Forum:

  • We don’t take suggestions on speakers for the Forum. Who speaks is strictly an editorial decision based on the themes we want to address at the Forum.
  • Speakers at the Forum are consumer or business travel brand leaders.
  • B2B vendors and service providers can reach the Forum audience as sponsors.
  • We don’t mix speaking with sponsorships. The only way sponsors will get on stage is if they are buying a “Branded Talk” sponsor package which comes with a set stage time and is clearly marked as such.
  • We work with sponsors to creatively integrate them in the program over the two-day period,  and use a mix of online and offline marketing to enhance the marketing message both before and after the event.