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NEOM has announced a strategic partnership with hospitality group Our Habitas, introducing three flagship properties at its newly launched valley destination.

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A region in northwest Saudi Arabia, NEOM, is making significant strides in integrating sustainability, technology, and luxury into the development of its key destinations, including Leyja. Situated within a valley, the newly announced development draws inspiration from the surrounding area’s landscape and the country’s cultural heritage. Leyja is also part of NEOM’s extensive tourism ambition that continues to see several multi-billion dollar investments in distinct destinations spread over its 10,231 square miles (26,500 square kilometers). 

As the fifth major initiative in NEOM’s series of developments, Leyja complements existing projects like Sindalah, THE LINE, Trojena, and Oxagon through its combination of environmentally responsible design and ecotourism offerings​. Set against the backdrop of the Gulf of Aqaba coast, the valley destination aims to integrate the region’s unspoiled natural beauty with thoughtful and sustainable development.

“NEOM is committed to the preservation and conservation of our rich natural capital, which includes the stunning landscape unique to our region. To the west, you’ll find the Gulf of Aqaba’s waters, teeming with marine life and colorful coral reefs. Head inland, and you’ll see valleys surrounded by mountains that rise up to 1,312 feet (400 meters). Together with sustainable development practices, these elements will help create an experience that connects people and the planet,” said Chris Newman, executive director of NEOM Hotel Division. 

Partnership with Our Habitas

NEOM is bringing its vision for Leyja to life through a strategic partnership with Our Habitas, the international brand known for placing sustainability at the forefront of its decision-making. The partnership aims to bring environmentally conscious and culturally rich experiences to Leyja, and was announced in a virtual setting that displayed the digital twin of the landscape to showcase the valley’s future development.

“We chose to celebrate the partnership in a way that reflects our commitment to lead in shaping the industry’s future through technological advancements. We revealed it through a purpose-built virtual environment to provide a vivid sense of the location where the properties will be built,” Newman said.

According to Newman, one of NEOM’s goals is to be a catalyst for change in the hospitality industry. With its ethos of creating experience-led travel, Our Habitas aligns well with Leyja’s vision of combining eco-friendly luxury with respect for nature.

“Our Habitas goes beyond conventional hospitality boundaries and provides personalized experiences that capture guests’ imaginations. It also aligns with NEOM’s commitment to environmental responsibility and regenerative practices, making it an ideal partner for Leyja’s luxury eco-tourism. With nearly 95 percent of NEOM’s area dedicated to nature preservation, this partnership will help further our goals,” Newman said.

Exploring the Newly Announced Hotels in Leyja

The partnership between NEOM and Our Habitas will see the establishment of three new hotels in Leyja with a total of 120 suites, each with 40 keys. These properties are not just meant to be accommodations but experiences that merge with the valley’s natural contours and aesthetic.

“Leyja will revolve around pioneering concepts, offering visitors the opportunity to engage in exhilarating activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, guided wadi walks, and hikes within the valley’s mountainous landscape,” Newman said.

The first hotel is called the Home of Adventure. Designed by the renowned architect Chris van Duijn, the property is meant to integrate with Layja’s natural landscape. Its structure follows the wadi’s contours, resembling a staircase ascending valley sides and cliff tops. The hotel provides active adventure experiences such as rock climbing and other high-energy activities to utilize the area’s unique topography.

Home of Adventure. Source: NEOM

The second property is named Oasis. Situated within Leyja’s largest oasis, this hotel was designed by Mario Cucinella, an Italian architect known for designs that blend modern architecture with environmental sensitivity. The hotel’s facade appears to rise naturally from the desert rock, accented by a striking staircase at its entrance that guides visitors inside. This feature not only provides access but also offers expansive views of the valley.

Oasis. Source: NEOM

Completing the trio is the Home of Wellness, designed by Shaun Killa, an architect celebrated for his sustainable architectural designs that often feature organic forms and eco-friendly materials. This property is distinguished by a reflective façade that mirrors the natural surroundings, designed to merge seamlessly with the valley. The structure allows for the natural passage of the wadi, creating an interactive and wellness-focused environment for visitors.

Home of Wellness. Source: NEOM

Visitors will be invited to explore the three resorts as part of their journey. The starting point for all excursions will be the coastal experience center at the valley’s entrance. Here, guests will participate in Our Habitas’ unique welcoming ritual, a five-minute ceremony designed to help visitors center themselves and set intentions for their upcoming journey. 

“These three properties are a fusion of sustainability, technology, and personalized experiences that embody NEOM Hotel Division’s vision for the future of hospitality. Our Habitas guests will embark on a personalized journey within these unique hotels, where the future converges with history, and technology harmonizes with humanity,” Newman said.

Embracing a Tech-Forward Approach

As NEOM continues to unfold its vision, it’s aiming to be at the forefront of innovative hospitality solutions. According to Newman, Leyja will prioritize technology integration with a focus on tailoring services to individual guest profiles.

“Our services will include features such as biometric check-in and room access, and AI and cognitive solutions to ensure every aspect of the guest journey is frictionless,” Newman said. “Not only will we leverage technology to enhance energy efficiency, we will also streamline hotel operations and automate tasks, enabling our team to focus on personalized service excellence, all delivered with the renowned warmth of Saudi hospitality.”

With Saudi Arabia revising its tourism ambitions to attract 150 million visitors by 2030 — instead of the original goal of 100 million — there’s growing anticipation that projects like Leyja will be instrumental in increasing tourist numbers and boosting overall tourism expenditures.

“Leyja contributes significantly to Vision 2030 through its ecotourism offerings, supporting the Kingdom’s aspirations to cultivate a strong and sustainable tourism industry,” Newman said. 

For more information about Leyja, click here.

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