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How Japanese footballers fly: Middling Men in business, world-champion women in coach

It's relatively hard to justify sticking a team of poor performers in business and the World Cup champions in coach, but the Olympics provide plenty of opportunities for countries to show both their best and worst sides.


United raised round-trip U.S. fares by up to $10; will others match?

Remains to be seen if the increase will stick if other competing airlines don't follow.

Online Travel

EU presses Google on far-reaching settlement, including mobile

The EU isn't buying Google's claims that preferencing its own products improves the user experience. U.S. regulatory authorities are lagging in their probes.

Online Travel

Bing and Google maps both improve detail and add more high-def renderings

How wonderful is it that the tech heavyweights are having an arms race to provide users with the best free maps the world has ever seen?


The top 10 cities in the U.S. for luxury hotel room market share

Florida and California demonstrate that being (geographically) tall and thin does equal luxury and collectively take up seven of the top ten slots.

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Lonely Planet’s magazine adds “Traveller” to its cover and fancier fonts to its pages

The magazine has always been run separately from the rest of the travel publisher's operations, yet it's managed to capture the LP promise quite well within its pages for its UK-based readers.


NYT’s non-debate debate: airlines and their ‘nickel and dime’ strategy

Sometime industry insiders aren't the best for debate on the consumer experience issues: everywhere else the consumers are saying the exact opposite, just read the comments below the story to figure that out.

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Kayak IPO maiden flight: Will it take off? Live updates

The whole world -- the travel tech world, that is -- is watching as Kayak takes its shot on the first day of going public. The market will have its say and make its ultimate verdict over the long term.

Media and PR

Video: How to crowd source your next hit travel show via Reddit

Zach Anner's previous travel show was kicked off Oprah's network and now he's turning to crowd-sourced recommendations to inspire shooting locales for videos he self-describes as a spin on Bourdain's "crotchety indifference."


U.S. carriers to start phasing out first class for more business class seats

Since first class takes up more space is often occupied by frequent flyers upgraded from business class, there's little economic reason to continue setting aside these premium seats.


Detroit is losing local gaming customers to casinos in Toledo, Ohio

Unless your city is a marquee destination like Las Vegas or Macau that has more to offer visitors than loose slots, there's little to keep visitors loyal to one city over another.