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Olympics committee slaps down Kate Middleton’s family for selling unauthorized ring toss game

The awkwardly named LOCOG enforcement group is strictly enforcing the banned list of behaviors in relation to the Olympics games, even if the infractions are the work of well-connected royals-in-law.

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What a slogan says about a city: 8 examples from around the world

From Chicago's exercise in mock confidence to Kazan, Russia's attempt to explain to listeners where it may be, slogans like these spoke for destinations before social media did it for them.


American Airlines’ CEO tells US Airways CEO over breakfast that he’s not rushing into anything

American's desire to stay independent received a boost today as bankruptcy judge said that AMR could have a little more time to get itself into shape before it would be forced to present its reorganization plan.


Why you can’t say “gold,” “summer,” or “London” during this summer’s race for the gold in London

The idea of a brand police spreading across London wearing purple caps and slapping fines on merchants who are too enthusiastic about selling something to a tourist would be a scene in a British comedy if it hadn't already turned into a farce.

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How Michelin’s guidebooks got a generation of Victorians to explore the world around them

The reasons behind guidebook companies' origins -- from Eugene Fodor's spies, to Arthur Frommer's budget, to Tony Wheeler's hippie trek -- are almost always the most fascinating part of the story.


Qatar Airways is still on the top of the Skytrax charts

Pity the U.S. and European carriers who can't compete with the Middle East's geography, labor laws, customer service, on-time rates, clear baggage policies, and all the other elements which mean Qatar and its regional peers will likely stay on top for some time.

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Kayak gets its $1 billion valuation: raises $91 million at $26 a share

In the first big travel IPO of the year, Kayak's 3.5 million shares will begin trading on Friday morning on the NASDAQ under the symbol KYAK.


Turkmenistan’s tourism delusion remains just that

Delusional ruler with delusional gold-tinged dreams, what could go wrong with this proven tourism formula?


As if the Olympics strike wasn’t bad enough, now there’s no Nadal

Culture minister Hunt has the quote of the day with his claim that the event has been "pretty smooth." Of course he also called the lines at Heathrow "pretty short," the weather in London "pretty swell," and the Murdoch newspaper matter "pretty scandal-free."

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Photo startups bloat: Everpix trying with $1 million funding to manage your photo bloat

Real need to manage photo bloat, lots of startups trying that, see Techcrunch's own "photo" tag for the bloat in the startupland. Jetpac is a travel industry native, and trying something similar in the vertical.

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TripAdvisor won’t remove review despite hotel’s Olympic security concerns

The hotel is being overly defensive about mentions of its Ministry of Defence guests, and TripAdvisor is correct in not censoring the review-writer. After all, according to the article, the hotel has written openly in the past about special rates for ministry employees so it's no secret.