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U.S. Travel Association: ‘We’re Working With Both Clinton and Trump’

There's no doubt the travel industry is hoping for a Hillary Clinton presidency as opposed to working with Donald Trump in the White House. But the U.S. Travel Association is courting both sides leading up to the election to make sure both candidates understand the size and scope of the travel industry.

2 days ago

Brand USA Needs Asian Tourists to Reach 100 Million Visitor Milestone

Since Canadian tourism to the U.S. has tailed off, Brand USA needs Chinese and Indian travelers to fill the gap and meet the country's tourism goals.

1 week ago

Puerto Rico and the Fight for Caribbean Tourism: 5 Podcast Takeaways

These spokespeople from Puerto Rico tourism agencies want to make one thing clear: neither Zika nor Puerto Rico's financial crisis are seriously problematic for tourism to the island.

1 week ago

SeaWorld Shareholders Have a New Reason to Be Disappointed

SeaWorld answered its most vocal critics earlier this year with the decision to stop breeding killer whales in captivity and move away from using orca shows as entertainment. But the company's performance has continued to suffer, and the dividend announcement is already taking a toll.

1 week ago

Miami’s Popular Wynwood Arts District is Cleared of Zika

Miami's hottest tourism area took a big hit from Zika, but intensive spraying and public education seems to have had an impact. However, the same tactics will potentially have less impact in Miami Beach where cases of Zika persist.

1 week ago

The New Native American Tourism Push

Casinos are no longer the main face of tourism for Native American territories. More than ever, Native American travel professionals are marketing meetings, events and cuisine that could burst onto the hip food scene at any moment.

1 week ago

Universal Theme Parks Are Bound for a Long Stretch of Rapid Growth, CEO Says

NBCUniversal is expanding its theme park empire around the globe, but wisely continuing to up its game in domestic properties at the same time.

2 weeks ago

Mount Rushmore at 75: An Unlikely Landmark Still Driving Tourism

Where many large-scale historic sculptures are pompous political statements, something about Mt. Rushmore sets it apart in a class of its own.

2 weeks ago

Federal Law Keeps Colorado From Promoting Marijuana Tourism

Once the federal threat disappears, we're banking that "It's High Time You Got to Colorado" will be the next great state tourism slogan.

2 weeks ago

The Most Visited U.S. States Spent Less to Market to Travelers Last Year

For some states coming in under budget is good news and for others the smaller spending signifies problems that marketing organizations are having. For now, most provisional tourism budgets increased for fiscal year 2016 and we'll soon see what impact that's had on travelers.

2 weeks ago

Disney Says Zika Is Not Hurting Its Florida Theme Park Business

Disney did not like an analyst's suggestion that Zika could be causing travelers to reconsider trips to Florida parks. The theme park company is working to allay visitors' fears with bug spray and messages about mosquito control, but as long as the virus isn't being transmitted locally, we don't expect the parks to take a serious hit.

2 weeks ago

Tourists Vs. Locals in New York City: Who Goes Where

New York City tourism trends are a mirror to what's happening in most other major cities. Foursquare data show that tourists and locals still stick to predictable paths, with tourists gravitating to top attractions around Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Every city is different and tourism has increased to outer boroughs but those probably still aren't top of mind for many travelers.

2 weeks ago