Six Flags CEO Sees the Future Through Virtual Reality Glasses

Six Flags is amped about the potential for virtual reality to spruce up existing rides at its regional theme parks. Will thrill-seekers be as enthusiastic?

DreamWorks Acquisition Will Give Universal More Tools in Theme Park Battle

We're curious to find out how Universal will incorporate the new characters in its theme parks — and how parks that already have DreamWorks attractions will fare.

Comcast Interest in DreamWorks Is (Almost) All About the Theme Park Arms Race

Universal has already been keeping Disney on its toes with the wildly popular Harry Potter attractions. No wonder the parent company wants to grow its cast of characters.

3 Charts Showing U.S. Travelers’ Plans For Summer Vacations

It looks like another healthy summer travel season for the U.S. is on its way.

Chicago’s Domestic Tourist Arrivals Hit Record 51 Million in 2015

It's a strong story, especially considering the massive state funding cuts both to tourism marketing and to state-run attractions. Luckily Chicago can compete on its own. The rest of the state didn't fare so well.

Amateur Makes Tourism Ad After Rhode Island’s Iceland Fail

For $575 this homemade Rhode Island tourism video isn't entirely awful, although we miss seeing Iceland's concert hall on the waterfront.

Interview: Rethinking Destination Marketing in the Age of Better Data and Airbnb

According to DMAI's new CEO, the organization needs to package its destination marketing products better, and improve its promotion of signature digital tools like DestinationNEXT.

Hawaii Tourism Officials Are Telling Residents They Should Appreciate Visitors

As tourism to Hawaii continues to grow, it's no surprise that tension exists between locals and visitors. The state may need to do more than post videos online to address residents' concerns.

Carnival Says It Has Permission to Sail to Cuba With All Guests, Cubans Included

This decision was down to the wire, but Carnival won in the end.

Marriott Expands Its Delta Hotels Brand Into the U.S.

It'll be interesting to see how Marriott International positions the Delta Hotels and Resorts brand globally in comparison to its other brands, including its own Marriott brand and Sheraton, following the merger with Starwood.