Middle East

Egypt Expresses Dismay Over U.S. Travel Warning

The U.S., Canada and the UK have all issued travel warnings for Egypt through October 9. Egypt is perturbed and this tension between security concerns and economic interests isn't going away anytime soon.

3 weeks ago

Marriott Makes Plans to Double Workforce in Africa and the Middle East

If Marriott wants growth, it will find it here and in Asia. Starwood's expertise in these regions will certainly come in handy.

1 month ago

Dubai Opens the World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

It goes without saying that huge projects like this which depend on non-sustainable financial backing (have you seen the price of gas these days?) are not smart, long-term tourism development.

2 months ago

Emirati Tourist’s Traditional Clothing Scares Ohio Hotel Clerk, So He Has Him Detained

The migrant crisis and a surge in chauvinistic movements around the world leads to admonitions like the UAE having to warn its citizens to forsake wearing traditional garb when traveling.

4 months ago

With Oil Prices Still Low, Dubai Sees Billion-Dollar Road Investment as Key to Economic Growth

As Dubai tries to grow its tourism numbers leading up to the 2020 World Expo, better roads and transit systems can only help.

4 months ago

Six Flags Isn’t Confirming a New Park in Saudi Arabia, But Its International Ambitions Are Growing

Six Flags may not be ready to formally announce a park in Saudi Arabia, but we would not be surprised if plans are in the works.

4 months ago

Dubai Developers Try Underwater Bedrooms to Jumpstart Large Hotel Project

It's as if they took all the lessons of the economic crisis and didn't pay attention to them at all.

5 months ago

Jet Crash Sets Back Egypt’s Already Lagging Tourism Recovery

With this week's EgyptAir crash, Egypt's tourism economy just took another hit while it was already down. It will take several years before the country is back to its pre-2011 revolution tourism arrival numbers and on track to seeing long-term growth.

5 months ago

Saudi Arabia Has a Plan to Start Welcoming a Handful of Tourists

Considering the annual hajj, Saudi Arabia knows how to manage massive amounts of visitors. It just has no experience managing independent ones that may travel differently than someone on a pilgrimage.

6 months ago

Small-Scale Theme Park in Dubai Turns to Marvel and Cartoon Network

This is small for Dubai, but apparently a rich enough deal for Viacom and Disney to let their intellectual property be licensed.

6 months ago

Bombardier Sees Opportunity in Iran’s Untapped Tourism Potential

Post-nuke agreement, Iran is in an excellent position to start selling itself to the world again.

6 months ago

Tour Operators Hope Iran Becomes the Next Cuba

There are still numerous challenges and restrictions for Americans who want to visit Iran. But recent progress for Europeans has created hope for a wider opening of the country to U.S. travelers.

7 months ago