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Saudi Arabia Has a Plan to Start Welcoming a Handful of Tourists

Considering the annual hajj, Saudi Arabia knows how to manage massive amounts of visitors. It just has no experience managing independent ones that may travel differently than someone on a pilgrimage.

Small-Scale Theme Park in Dubai Turns to Marvel and Cartoon Network

This is small for Dubai, but apparently a rich enough deal for Viacom and Disney to let their intellectual property be licensed.

Bombardier Sees Opportunity in Iran’s Untapped Tourism Potential

Post-nuke agreement, Iran is in an excellent position to start selling itself to the world again.

Tour Operators Hope Iran Becomes the Next Cuba

There are still numerous challenges and restrictions for Americans who want to visit Iran. But recent progress for Europeans has created hope for a wider opening of the country to U.S. travelers.

In a Bid for Thrill Seekers, Dubai Theme Park Complex Plans to Add a Six Flags

Plans for the Dubai Parks and Resorts complex were ambitious even without adding Six Flags for more than $454 million. The question is whether tourism will continue to grow — and visitors will be clamoring for more theme park experiences.

Iran Gets 5-Star Melia Hotels Property on Caspian Sea

Melia Hotels and Accor Hotels are among the early movers in global chains' return to Iran after an ugly exit in 1979. The parliamentary gains of moderate politicians in Iran's recent elections may give foreign businesses a bit of a confidence boost.

Israel Tourism’s Oscar Promotion Has Already Turned Political

Tourism boards are hyper sensitive when it comes to potentially divisive political issues. But when the tourism board is Israel's, conflict is nearly impossible to avoid.

Israel Tourism Adds Free Celebrity Junkets to the Annual Oscar Swag Bag

We're not sure that people plan a trip to a destination like Israel based upon photos they see in Us Weekly, but we have seen bigger wastes of money on influencer trips.

Egyptian Tourism Losing $250 Million a Month Since Russian Plane Crash

Amid losing hundreds of millions of dollars, we've seen little effort from the Egyptian government to convince tourists that the country is safe and open for business.

Video: Dubai and the Future of City Branding

Dubai knows it can't rely solely upon people spending silly money, it needs to diversify the experiences available to visitors.