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Guam Wants to Be Asia-Pacific’s Next Meetings and Incentive Travel Hub

Guam presents an interesting option for Asia-Pacific conferences because it's a tropical island with mature tourism infrastructure and decent airlift, but there's a lot of work to do to show American meeting planners and attendees that the long flight is worth it. It's easy to say you want to be Hawaii, and another to actually be it.

2 weeks ago

Hawaii Tourism Hits a New Record in August at 780,000 Visitors

Hawaii is highly successful at finding new visitors when economic conditions keep some others away.

3 weeks ago

Feds Move to Protect Stressed Out Dolphins From Tourists in Hawaii

We're not eager to see companies go out of business, but this is part of a broader move that rethinks the relationship between tourists and animals, some in captivity and some in the wild.

2 months ago

The Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers in 2016

Cheers to this oenophile travel wish list.

3 months ago

James Cameron Is New Zealand’s Latest Tourism Ambassador

James Cameron is the latest A-list celebrity to be hired for a major tourism campaign, and this one actually seems like a decent fit.

3 months ago

Is Swimming With Humpback Whales Sketchy or Sustainable Tourism?

Swimming with humpback whales as a tourism pursuit is spreading to Ningaloo Reef in western Australia. We're all for experiential travel -- and this takes it to new heights, or depths, depending on your perspective.

4 months ago

Australia Will Spend $739 Million to Help Protect Great Barrier Reef

It's unfortunate that the Great Barrier Reef is essentially a chess piece in an election campaign, rather than Australia helping to preserve it simply because it's the right thing to do.

4 months ago

Skift CMO Interviews: Tourism Australia Bet on Food and Wine and Won

Tourism Australia has shown the power of food tourism to drive higher visitation, but much of that is due to the country's forward-thinking content platforms.

5 months ago

Australian Officials Don’t Want Tourists to Know Great Barrier Reef Is at Risk

We are pretty certain that denying there is a problem is the worst way to make visitors happy about your destination.

5 months ago

New Rules Are Coming to Keep People from Disturbing Dolphins in Hawaii

Since voluntary measures haven't worked, authorities sound ready to enforce new rules to keep tourists and locals from disturbing dolphins.

8 months ago

New Zealand Looks to Golf Tourism to Boost Foreign Visitation

Even to a non golfer, those rolling green hills are attractive. And its smart for NZ to diversify its activities.

8 months ago

Hawaii Bill Would Start to Restore Waikiki Beach

When an iconic beach is the big ticket selling point in a tropical destination, governments will often invest heavily in sand renourishment projects.

8 months ago