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IDEAS: British Tycoon to Launch Electric Plane Fleet in the UK

British company Ecojet plans to launch electric planes in the UK, featuring plant-based foods and no single-use plastics. Dale Vince, founder of British green energy company Ecotricity, recently announced Ecojet’s plans to retrofit aircraft with hydro-electric power, pending approval from the UK’s aviation regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Authority. The world's first electric (and vegan)…

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IDEAS: Deer Train Transports Visitors to the Famous Deer of Nara, Japan

Roaming the vast Nara Park grounds in the city of Nara, Japan are sacred wild deer, who approach visitors and eat out of their hands as if in a storybook. Now, the transportation to see these deer is equally enchanting. The recently unveiled Narashika Train, or Deer Train, operated by Kintetsu Railways runs between Kobe…

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IDEAS: Egypt’s Green Destinations are Seizing on Ecotourism Opportunities

Egypt is making measurable progress in sustainable travel and tourism efforts, with two towns dedicated exclusively to sustainable travel. A recent report by Bain & Company highlights the small "eco-village" of El-Qula’an and the resort town of El Gouna as two locations within Egypt centered around environmental practices. In Africa, El Gouna is at the…

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A Sad Sack of Lodging SPACs Struggling as Public Companies

In an amazing recovery from over 700 points down, the DJIA ended the day down only 280 points while Nasdaq rallied to end up 6. Vacasa’s stock price plunged well into penny stock category, joining Sonder, before recovering somewhat, ending the day down -25%.