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In this video interview, Jason Perocho, vice president of product marketing at Amperity, discussed highlights from a new research report that explores how generative AI can help travel and hospitality companies put their customer data to its highest and best use, enabling them to earn loyalty in the new era of travel.

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Traveler expectations are undergoing a massive shift when it comes to how brands deliver experiences and issue loyalty rewards. A new research report, “Personalizing the Travel Experience Using Data and AI,” shows how travel and hospitality brands can use customer data to provide more personalization, deliver better service, and increase loyalty, leading to greater customer lifetime value.

Jason Perocho, vice president of product marketing at Amperity, sat down for a 5-minute interview with SkiftX Research Editor Dan Marcec to discuss key highlights from the report.

The report explores several key ways that travel brands can optimize their customer data initiatives to build more direct, personal relationships with all of their customers, including those who are already in their loyalty programs and otherwise:

  • Build out first-party data collection. Brands that evolve their data strategies and focus on first-party data will have a huge opportunity to provide better service using information they’ve received directly from the customer.
  • Reach beyond loyalty members. By targeting customers with the greatest potential value — in the moment and over a lifetime, regardless of status — brands can start to formulate a more accurate foundation for their customer data and personalization strategies.
  • Build a unified view of the traveler. Brands now have the ability to utilize platform technology that breaks down silos and collates data together into a unified view of each customer, which will enable them to develop detailed customer profiles and support personalization efforts.
  • Drive personalization to every customer touchpoint. The next frontier will be using generative AI to learn what customers want and need without asking.

This content was created collaboratively by Amperity and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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